Jackbox Is Set To Bring The Filth With The Upcoming ‘Naughty Pack’

If you are a fan of The Jackbox party pack games but you kinda need something, well, naughtiestso you might want to keep an eye out Jackbox Naughty Packcurrently in development at Jackbox Games.

While it’s not yet officially confirmed for Switch, we can’t imagine it will ignore Nintendo’s console given that the eShop is full of Party Pack games. More information will be provided later this summer, but Jackbox Games says the new entry will contain three games that will make you “laugh and sweat.”

Although contestants are free to get as spicy as they want in mini-games like “Quiplash” and “Tee KO,” the upcoming Naughty Pack is the studio’s first adult-rated game, so we think there will be a few choices. words and images used that are unlikely to be suitable for younger players.

So lock your doors, close the blinds and take off the handcuffs… It’s time to get naughty, friends. Ooh, uh.

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