X dubs Google ‘compromised’ after Elon Musk reveals trick, here’s what happens when you type ‘before:2023′

Social media users have called Google a “compromised platform” after Elon Musk revealed an unusual feature. A screenshot of a “pro tip” given to someone and shared by Musk reads: “If you have to search on Google, use ‘before: 2023’ at the start of your search string. You get a completely different (and IMO is much more usable) set of results. The web is dead.

Google was dubbed a ‘compromised platform’ after Elon Musk revealed an unusual feature (Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP file)(Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP)

Another person wrote about this comment: “Someone recently posted an interesting tip about adding ‘before: 2023’ to Google web searches and I forget who it was, but wow , what a huge difference that makes. So thanks to whoever it was. This eliminates so much AI-generated SEO c**r.

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Sharing the screenshots, Musk captioned the post: “This is a real problem!”

“Compromised platform”

Many took to the comments section of the post to talk about the search engine, with one user stating: “It’s time for Elon and 𝕏 to create their own search engine.” Google’s search engine is run by the FBI and the Democratic Party. “Create a search engine. We will use it! one user said, while another wrote: “What Google did with Gemini is what they’ve been doing with Google Search for years.” They add a secondary DEI prompt layer that modifies the original query to make it more PC friendly. “The world will never be the same again. We need to record the real story on the blockchain,” one user said. Another wrote: “I’m just going to continue not using Google. Compromised platform.

“Google… also the enemy of the people!!!” one user said, while another wrote: “@elonmusk when are you going to roll out a search engine?” The world needs access to ALL information, not just propaganda.” “We need to get back to the happy medium, to the days when things were normal and people had common sense,” one said. Another wrote: “Oh wow. At first, Chat GPT seemed frozen in time. I wonder if there is a correlation. Or maybe we’re all dreaming right now.”

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