Sequel To Roguelike Hit Hades Enters Early Access With ‘Overwhelmingly Positive’ Reviews

After a surprise announcement during the Game Awards in 2022, the sequel to Hades has finally entered its early access phase.

Although it’s only available on PC at the moment, it has given many fans of Supergiant’s original roguelike hope that there will be an announcement regarding consoles at some point in the future.

On the developer’s official website, it is mentioned that early access should run “at least until the end of 2024”, with a console platform version to follow:

“We do not have a release date set for the completed film Hades II v1.0, and we plan to be in early access until at least the end of 2024. We plan for Hades II will eventually be available for PC, Mac, and console platforms (but I can’t confirm which platforms yet).”

So far, Hades II is off to a good start on PC, with Steam users giving the game an “overwhelmingly positive” rating. Critics also praised the title.

No “prior knowledge” of the existing game is necessary to play Hades II, but there are apparently “many connections” to the original title. Here is the story of what happened next:

“As Melinoë, the immortal princess of the Underworld, you will explore a larger and deeper mythic world, defeating the forces of the Titan with all the power of Olympus behind you, in a thrilling story that continually unfolds through each of Your setbacks and your achievements New locations, challenges, upgrade systems and surprises await you as you dive again and again into the ever-changing underworld.

“Like her brother Zagreus from the original game, Melinoë is not a character of our own invention and is based on an ancient deity of the Underworld thought to be related to Hades. What little ancient mythology exists about her was more than enough to make us want to explore his history and his connections with his family and, in doing so, develop our vision of the Underworld!

Again, there’s no official console announcement for Hades II yet, but hopefully that means it’s not too far away.

If you haven’t played the original Hades title, it’s available for purchase on the eShop. In our review here on Nintendo Life, we gave it an exceptional score calling it “absolutely essential for all Switch owners.”

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