Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves adds Marco Rodrigues

Marco Rodrigues will be a playable character in Fatal Fury: City of the Wolves (4 articles)” href=””>Fatal Fury: City of the WolvesSNK Corporation (383 articles)” href=””>SNK announced.

Here’s a look at the character, via SNK:

Kyokugen Karate Assistant Instructor Marco Rodrigues will be announced as a playable character in the highly anticipated fighter FATAL FURY: City of the Wolves. Marco’s spirited nature has earned him a reputation as a beast in battle. With his dojo sign stolen by unknown forces, he has no choice but to hone his karate skills elsewhere, notably at Yuri’s fitness club. Upon learning that a new KOF tournament is on the horizon, Marco prepares for what awaits him: an opportunity to showcase his beloved dojo, a chance to reclaim his sign, and (of course) a turbulent test of his Kyokugen karate power. .

Fatal Fury: City of Wolves expected to be released in early 2025 for unannounced platforms.

Watch a new trailer below. See screenshots in gallery.

Marco Rodrigues Trailer




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