Quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers’ contracts are killing their teams

The NFL’s Denver Broncos and Green Bay Packers are arguably having the worst seasons imaginable. Both teams were expected to do well and challenge for a Super Bowl berth in 2022-23. However, the Broncos are dead last in the AFC West, while the Packers are under .500 in the NFC North (at the time of writing).

Making matters worse for both the Broncos and Packers is their quarterback situation. The Broncos gave quarterback Russell Wilson a massive contract extension after moving to the team from the Seattle Seahawks. Green Bay quarterback Aaron Rodgers was also given a huge contract extension ahead of the current campaign.

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According to NFL insiders, both quarterbacks have unique contracts, which could make for some headaches in the front office for their respective teams.

Russell Wilson’s complicated contract

Denver signed Wilson to a five-year contract extension worth $245 million. The Broncos guaranteed $124m when Wilson put ink to paper. Wilson’s contract won’t end until 2028. However, insiders are already claiming the Broncos want nothing to do with the quarterback’s contract and want out now. Talk about buyer’s remorse.

In addition to $124m being guaranteed, the Broncos ponied up a $50m signing bonus. The team also willingly put further guarantees and bonuses into Wilson’s contract extension.

The Broncos are unlikely to cut the quarterback in the offseason. Denver would receive a $107m cap hit in dead money. The Broncos would have still paid Wilson an incredible $124m for just one season of football. Trading Wilson is also unlikely. Which NFL team would take on Wilson’s contract and put the reins of their offense in Wilson’s hands?

Denver got themselves into a massive mess by signing Wilson to a five-year contract extension. Wilson was supposed to lead Denver back to the top of the AFC West. Instead, his contract is like a millstone around the franchise’s neck.

What will Aaron Rodgers do?

Packers signal-caller Rodgers put pen to paper on a three-year contract extension worth $150m. The contract extension won’t expire until 2026. However, the deal will actually finish in 2024 as the two remaining years are “dummy years” due to salary cap reasons. Rodgers will only receive guaranteed money in 2023.

The quarterback nearing 40, and retirement is knocking on the door. Green Bay’s decision to give Rodgers such a large contract extension shows the franchise has no backup plan for the quarterback’s inevitable departure.

Rodgers will make $59.5m in guaranteed money next season. He will receive $58.3m of the guaranteed money as a team option bonus. If the Packers decline the option bonus, the amount will become a salary cap hit worth around $75m. The Packers will be better off accepting the option bonus, but it could set them back further when it is time to rebuild now.

source : Sports news

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