Reasons Why You Should Make Your Home a Smart Home?

In the past smart home was considered something of a luxurious lifestyle, but today smart homes have become an essential part of our lives. Smart home technology allows you to monitor and control the electronic gadget and systems in your home, even when you are not there. This technology offers increased security, and reduced stress, and is also an efficient time and cost saver. 

This article will explore below all the reasons why you should consider converting your home into a smart home.

  • Efficiency. You can control and manage multiple gadgets and systems around your home with just a touch of a button on your smartphone. You would be able to operate the heating and cooling of your home, as well as turn on and off the lights right from your smartphone, no matter what room you are in your home. This efficient procedure helps to save electricity.


  • Convenience. Managing the controls of electronic gadgets and systems around your home right from your smartphone is extremely convenient. You can even draw the shades of your windows from anywhere in the house, as well as monitor security. 


  • Comfort. Instead of having to get up from your bed to turn off or dim the lights, the smart home technology allows you to do so from the comfort of your bed, on your smartphone. Or if you want to maintain the temperature of the thermostat, you can also do the same while sitting on your sofa, or from outside your home.


  • Customization.  You can customize your electronic things the way you like to have them. You can have the curtains closed at certain times of the day, and have them opened every morning. You can even adjust the brightness indoors as per your preference. You can customize all your electronic items as per your will, and can also set the timings of various tasks to be implemented accordingly.

Smart Home Devices

Since the layout of your home and its comfort level is unique to you, you should include the smart home devices that you feel would best fit the situation. Following are some of the smart home devices that can be found in most homes;

  • Video Surveillance Security Cameras. Security cameras can be installed both inside and outside your home. With the help of the indoor security camera, you can check on any activities inside your house such as keeping an eye on kids or pets while you are away. You can monitor activities outside your home as well, with the outdoor camera, and these outdoor cameras should keep the prowlers away from your home. 


  • Wi-Fi Doorbell Camera. You shouldn’t open your doors to anyone, and with a doorbell camera, you wouldn’t need to do that every time someone comes knocking on your door. As the name suggests, a Wi-Fi doorbell camera offers the convenience of allowing you to view, record, and respond to someone outside your door with the help of your smartphone.

  • Smart Garage Door Opener. Your garage door is also one of the ways through which thieves can access your home. However, with a smart garage door opener, that can be prevented by having received an instant notification if your garage door is left open. Then you can close and lock it directly from your smartphone. 

These are just a few examples of how you can convert your home into a smart home. Other examples include smart light bulbs, a smart thermostat, smart sprinklers system, and it doesn’t stop here.

While considering the market for installing smart home technology in your home, our recommendation is to go for Xfinity Smart Home Security. Xfinity offers 24/7 home security monitoring cameras, Wi-Fi thermostats, home automation, and more. Contact the Xfinity customer service to learn more about the Xfinity smart home technology. 


Keeping your home safe is your number one priority, and having a smart home security system will put their safety at your fingertips. The technology behind a smart home is like a super-powered network that is reserved just for your connected devices through which you can control and manage the smart home products. 

Apart from preventing break-ins, you also can have smart monitored smoke detectors that can keep your home safe from any environmental hazards such as fire or carbon monoxide poisoning.

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