Engineer Abdullah Al-Saeed Childhood

Engineer Abdullah Al-Saeed Childhood

Since he was five years old, Abdullah used to love disassembling, installing and repairing electronic games without a scientific understanding of them, but he loved to try things and his curiosity always pushed him to inquire about many mechanical questions regarding the military rockets, tanks and so on.

But, no one would have convincing answers for him at this young age so, he kept looking for answers. That curiosity drove him to fall in love with sciences at school.

At this early age, Abdullah loved watching military films, especially the operations of the Egyptian naval forces in the War of Attrition, which is a preparatory war for the Sixth of October war of the year one thousand nine hundred and seventy-three, a war in which Egypt defeated Israel.

But why did Abdullah focus on military films ?

He wanted to know the secrets of the military equipment, how do they work, what are they made of, and what is their effect.

. It was this particular interest from a young age that prompted him to watch military shows permanently so far to keep up with the latest weapons offered by the state.

Abdullah at that time had a friend called “Muhammad” in the primary stage, and he was talented in drawing. Abdullah used his talent to draw military weapons and modify them. Abdullah was imagining and asking his friend to add some modifications to the original model of the drawings, and as we spoke earlier, he knew the weapons and their names and he broadened his military knowledge through watching performances of the graduation ceremonies of the military students that President Mubarak was attending at the time, and was broadcasted on television.

Middle School Stages

The beginning of this stage is closely related to the terrorist events that took place at the World Trade Center on the eleventh of September, and since at that time Abdullah’s relatives were living near the World Trade Center in Manhattan, so fear and panic seized them, and he was not aware of the dangers of terrorism before that incident. This 9/11 incident triggered fear of terrorism in the little Abdallah back then, but little did he know that it would later become his biggest motivation to fight off terrorists.

But he was really puzzled as to why terrorists do those attacks anyways and how could one confront them.

In the years 2004/2005, Abdullah followed a series of terrorist attacks in Taba and Sharm El-Sheikh in South Sinai Governorate, in addition to the Khan Al-Khalili incident in Cairo Governorate. Those incidents involved implanting explosives but Abdullah has did not grasp what are those explosives and the depths of using them. What was certain at this stage that those incidents opened a dark corridor of questions for Abdallah! And it’s only later that he will discover the secrets of that corridor.

Also, this stage was foundational to building Abdullah’s character and grit. Abdullah’s father owned a stun gun that  Abdullah used very often without being aware of its maintenance requirements that led to the weapon’s malfunction. This has prompted Abdullah to inquire about weapons’ maintenance companies to repair the gun, and from here begins the founding life of engineer Abdullah Al-Saeed in going after his passion …

Abdullah’s search led him to speak with the owner of the company, Mr. M.F., who owns a workshop that sells weapons and military equipment.

And after maintaining the sound gun that his father owned, Abdullah asked the owner to work in the workshop with Engineer S. whose is in charge of instructing workers about the guns.

Mr. M.F refused because Abdullah was just a young man in middle school, but Abdullah insisted on standing in front of the shop displays for military equipment every three days for over a month.

On one occasion, Mr. M.F., the owner of the company, noticed Abdullah’s frequent coming and asked him about the reason as to why he insists on learning about weapons maintenance

Abdullah answered directly, “I want when I grow up to manufacture weapons for the Egyptian army.” Then a long conversation took place between them, in which Abdullah spoke passionately for his commitment to learn all about military guns and he convinced Mr.M.F to repair guns in his workshop as an internship, and by time, it became clear to Mr.M.F that Abdullah is a respectable young man with good morals.

There were strict conditions for Abdullah’s work in the workshop, including that he does not repair civilians’ pistols outside the workshop, and that no one knows that he works in a weapons maintenance workshop, even his relatives…

Abdullah committed himself to the owner of the arms sales company throughout the period of working with him.

He received work with the engineer responsible for maintenance, and Abdullah continued to work during the summer and some winter times, and learned a lot about the world of weapon maintenance, and he knew a lot about spare parts and the difference between local and imported ones as well as the manufacture of handguns and rifles.

That critical stage has set the scene for Abdullah’s entry to the world of weapons industry, which had him develop his awareness of his leadership and knowledge of the world of weapon maintenance.

It was also the time where he got introduced to many army and police officers, especially naval officers, and formed supportive friendship bonds with many of them who will later have a key role in supporting him.

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