Meta is stuffing its AI chatbot into your Instagram DMs

People noticed a new addition to their Instagram on Friday: Meta AI, the company’s general-purpose, AI-powered chatbot that can answer questions, write poetry, and generate images with a simple prompt of text. This decision is not surprising. Meta revealed Meta AI in September 2023 and has spent the last few months adding the chatbot to products like Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, so adding it to Instagram seems like a no-brainer.

“Our AI-driven generative experiences are being developed in multiple phases, and we are publicly testing a series of them in a limited capacity,” a Meta spokesperson told Engadget, suggesting that any the world doesn’t have this feature yet. TechCrunch, who was the first to take note of the news, said that Meta AI appeared in Instagram’s search bar. But for some of us at Engadget, the feature showed up in the search bar of Instagram’s direct messaging inbox.

By pressing it, I allow myself to start a conversation with Meta AI, I would simply like to send a private message to a friend on Instagram. I was able to ask the chatbot to give me definitions of words, suggest titles for some stories I’m working on, and generate images of dogs on skateboards. I was also able to ask Meta AI to recommend Reels containing cats, which it was able to do easily.

But when my colleague Aaron Souppouris asked Meta AI in WhatsApp to recommend Reels, it also showed him a few Reels in that app, suggesting that Instagram’s bot doesn’t really do anything Instagram-specific. Instead, Meta simply integrates the same chatbot into every app it owns.

If you tap a hamburger menu in the bot, Meta AI will also show you a long list of possible actions that you ask the bot to perform.

Meta AI will present a list of actions you can ask the bot to perform.Meta AI will present a list of actions you can ask the bot to perform.

Aaron Souppouris

Why would you want a chatbot Instagram to suggest tips for managing credit card charges, to have a debate about cardio versus weights, or to suggest tips for traveling with points, I don’t know. But the fact is, if you want to, you can.

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