Why you should play FIFA 23 if you’re a football fan

FIFA 23 is the sequel to the iconic football game in which the player takes control of a club and strives to lead it to triumph in the country’s best tournaments, championships and cups, and also has the opportunity to compete with players from all over the world.

Reasons to try FIFA 23

  • Opportunity to assemble a team of superstars
  • Lead your home team to victory
  • Strong online mode with leagues by difficulty level.


Opportunity to assemble a team of superstars


FIFA 23 is made with the idea that players need to unlock different game packs for a chance at getting better players.

Sets are bronze, silver, gold and special.

Each set costs Coins, the currency of the FIFA world, which can be earned by completing various tasks, winning matches, or simply buying FIFA Coins quickly on a special site.

The best players come from rare and expensive packs – you can get strong players from bronze and silver, but they won’t be world-class superstars like Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappé – they come from special packs that cost a lot of FIFA coins.

The game system will not limit you in your quest to assemble a strong team of the best football players, and luck and hard work will influence the gradual success in this matter.

For every match you win, you will receive coins. Tournaments will bring coins depending on the place taken, but the reward will be credited in any case. The tasks are designed in such a way that by performing simple football actions, you will replenish your coin box.

Tasks will ask you to score goals, win matches with a certain score, break through set pieces, not receive penalty cards and other tasks. Do not worry about the result – tasks are limited only by a daily or weekly period and the game system will count each successful action, regardless of the final result, and will issue a reward immediately upon completion of the task conditions.

Lead your home team to victory


There are several ways to lead your team to victory.

Start your playing career at any comfortable difficulty level with the ability to change options and participate in the championship, go to the Champions League or the Europa League, participate in cup matches.

You will have to form the main squad, worry about replacements in case of fatigue and injuries, set priorities, choose a strategy for games and much more.

Players will react to events on the field, empathize with missed goals and rejoice at goals scored. Rejoice in victories in strong tournaments and grieve for relegation. Starting with FIFA 07, EA Sports have significantly worked on the fan response, capturing the spirit in each iconic arena.

This is how fans will sing Yu Never Walk Alone at Liverpool’s home arena.

Strong online mode with leagues by difficulty level


For all those who like to compete with strength and lineups with live opponents, not bots, an advanced online mode is available, where you will play against real opponents in a league that adapts to the level of the game.

The more victories you have in a row, the faster you progress in divisions, and the more difficult your opponents will come across.

You have to play with a real person and adjust the strategy to the situation on the field, you should pay attention to two popular strategies:

Attacking – in the spirit of the old Barcelona under the leadership of Pep Guardiola. A lot of passes and control of the ball in the center of the field with a constant exchange of the ball and advance towards the enemy goal. Works in any situation on the field and teaches composure.

Defensive – Style close to Atlético Madrid from Diego Simeone. Full defense with priority to defense – often one forward is sacrificed in favor of five defenders. You need to block and pressure opponents in all parts of the field, but more often the skirmishes will take place in your own half, as you play on defense, sacrificing initiative. Always be ready for a counterattack, you need to quickly and efficiently break through the defenses of your opponents, since there may not be very many such chances and the strategy is used against players who are stronger than you in terms of personal execution.

ou should also always pay attention to the in-game tournaments that regularly take place in FIFA 23.

Players are split into a large number of pairs, and they play against each other in a knockout, where the winner advances and the loser leaves the competition and receives consolation coins that can be used to upgrade the roster.

Even if you lose the first match, you will receive a reward, but it’s better to strive for victories and give your best in order to get closer to the first places and pick up a really valuable and impressive reward – a large number of FIFA 23 coins.

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