What’s Up With Destiny 2’s Controversial Final Shape Raid Date?

Destiny 2’s Final Shape raid is being touted as one of the most important moments in the series’ history, one where we’ll finally face The Witness, even if it doesn’t. THE The character’s final fight remains to be seen.

Now, Bungie has announced the raid date for The Final Shape, which is a little too close for some to the release date of the expansion itself. The expansion launches Tuesday, June 4. The raid release date is Friday, June 7 at 10:00 a.m. PT, which is three days later.

It’s true that raids now come in contest mode, so there’s no need to go to crazy lengths to maximize your power like we saw back in the days of Last Wish, where the main problem for all teams was simply being underperforming.

However, many players are still unhappy with it given that you TO DO need to work on different things. This may be due to some aspect of the seasonal artifact, but in that case I’m not sure we know for sure if it still exists East a seasonal artifact, given that it’s the final season.

But more urgently, I’m hearing concerns about the new Prismatic subclass and its exotic class item that can roll with random exotic perks, and whether some will get great RNG for pre-raid casts. Whether it came out before the raid, which we don’t know.

Bigger questions arise about Prismatic in general, as it appears to have so many wacky interactions that it could throw the raid race into total chaos, but there’s no doubt that there will be a list of ‘disabled items or potentially even abilities to try for the raid race. and slow it down.

Why is it so close? Why not do it further away like the other races?

My best guess here is that there is a story element to all of this, as it appears there will be a separate event after the raid that will involve all community members, not just the 5-10% who attempt a raid on day one, fighting The Witness in one form or another. And The Witness must be defeated and the Light and Darkness saga completed so that Destiny 2 can quickly move on to its first installment, the Vex-focused Echoes, which is a different format than previous expansions.

Previously, we typically had a smaller season attached to the release of an expansion whose content throughout the season paralleled the campaign story. Here the Light and Darkness saga will be over, probably with big world-changing events, and now the episodes begin, self-contained stories that will certainly be affected by the events of The Final Shape, but it will be different from how the seasons have already worked. So I think Bungie wants to start this as soon as possible, which requires the raid to be completed and the final moments of Final Shape, whatever they may be, to occur. There might still be some longer-term Final Shape content that shows up later, if you say you just bought this expansion but not the episodes, but it won’t be like a full season of content unless you don’t. ‘have echoes.

So that’s why the raid is early, in my opinion. This may be dramatic, but at least I understand why they do it.

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