‘The Simpsons’ producer apologizes for killing off Larry character

Moe’s Tavern lost a longtime customer in the latest episode of The simpsonssending not only Homer & Co. but also viewers into mourning.

Larry “The Barfly” Dalrymple, a background character voiced by Harry Shearer who frequented the town watering hole since the show’s first season in 1989, fell to his death there in “Cremains of the Day”, the episode of season 35 aired last Sunday.

Following the surprise death, Tim Long, co-executive producer of the animated sitcom, explained that the creative team intended to hit viewers hard despite Larry’s smaller role status. Speaking to TMZ, he said that while he was sorry if the storyline upset fans, their disappointment is a testament to the show’s popularity.

Homer and Larry from “The Simpsons”.


Fans are mourning Larry’s death on social media.

The rest of “Cremains of the Day” followed Homer, Moe, Carl and Lenny as they attended Larry’s funeral, where they were plagued by guilt over being “terrible people” after realizing they knew very little about him despite all their time together. . His friends then spread his ashes.

Other characters who died during the series include Ned Flanders’ first wife, Maude (who reappeared in flashbacks); Lisa’s mentor, Bleeding Gums Murphy; and Krusty’s father, Rabbi Hyman Krustofsky.

A new episode of The simpsons aired May 5 on Fox.

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