‘Crackhead Barney’ says she was ‘maimed’ by Alec Baldwin


Performance artist and anti-Israel activist ‘Crackhead Barney’ refused to say why she harassed Alec Baldwin at a New York cafe this week in an utterly bizarre interview with Piers Morgan on Wednesday – and insisted she did that she had been “mutilated” by the actor.

The left-wing agitator’s appearance on Morgan’s show “Uncensored” was surreal from the start.

“I was waiting for you Piers f–king Morgan!” the popular ambush interviewer, who has almost 100,000 followers on Instagram, screamed after being featured on the program.

Crachead Barney’s face was painted white with bright red lipstick. She wore a messy blonde wig, a neck brace, and a thick pair of sunglasses. Her top was pulled up to her neck, revealing her almost bare chest.

The anonymous figure from Jamaica, Queens, was holding a single crutch and her right arm appeared to be in some sort of cast or sling — and she was wearing a diaper that she told Morgan she had put on especially for him.

Crackhead Barney gave a bizarre interview to Piers Morgan on Wednesday. Piers Morgan uncensored

Morgan asked her about her confrontation with Baldwin at the cafe on Monday, during which the performance artist filmed herself demanding that the actor say “Free Palestine” until he snatched her phone from her hands. hands.

She immediately screamed that Baldwin had attacked her and that she was the victim.

“What did I do to Alec Baldwin?” Piers, do you see the damage Alec did to me? » she asked, pointing to her crutches.

“Do you see the damage? Look at my arms! Look at my arms, Piers! Look at my neck! I was mutilated by a white man on Monday!

Crackhead Barney approached Baldwin at a Big Apple coffee shop on Monday. @CHBAF/CrackheadBarney & Friends / MEGA
Crackhead Barney and Alec Baldwin argue over his phone outside the cafe on Monday. Said Elatab / SplashNews.com

Morgan assured her that she was not “mutilated.” She called the host “another white devil” during a tirade so heated it caused her wig to fly.

“You don’t have to yell at me, we can have a civil conversation,” Morgan told him.

“Piers fucking King Morgan… What’s wrong with free Palestine?” ” she asked. “Piers, can you tell me “Free Palestine, free”?

Morgan tries to respond but has trouble overcoming Crackhead Barney’s screams. When he manages to insert the words, the host declares: “I absolutely believe that Palestine must be free. »

His guest then asked him to explain how to achieve this.

Morgan, who is also a Post columnist, tried to bring the conversation back to the Baldwin incident and asks Crackhead Barney again why she confronted him.

“He’s the third white man to beat me this week,” she said, insisting she had been attacked.

“Yesterday my white boyfriend beat me.”

Crackhead Barney’s recent videos consist largely of insults toward cops and heckling pro-Israel protesters. William Farrington

Morgan suggested that Crackhead Barney was making a joke about a serious war that left over 34,000 people dead.

“Why are you laughing?” » Morgan asked, putting food in his mouth.

“I’m always serious,” she retorted, pretending to cry.

“I am a victim. I’m a victim, Piers,” she said as food ran down her face and chest.

Morgan tried one last time to convince the incredibly chaotic agitator to say why she confronted Baldwin. Then she looked upset.

“Look, Piers, you’re trying to turn this into bullshit… t. I know exactly what you do, Piers, and your tactics,” she said.

Crackhead Barney attempts to interview Cardinal Dolan in 2021. Gregory P. Mango

“You’re British, you’re a boring fucking king, you eat tea and crumpets, you have your little finger in the air, you support the Queen. Fk the crown, fk Buckingham Palace,” she ranted.

“Now I’m getting angry. Because, Piers, that’s what you do, you prepare people for stupid things.

“I know exactly what you’re doing, Piers. Because I do it too, Piers. And I have a crazy audience. Do you think you could trick me, Piers? his disjointed diatribe continued.

Morgan calls her appearance “one of the most pathetic things I’ve had to endure” before interrupting her.

Crackhead Barney approached Baldwin inside Maman on University Place in Greenwich Village on Monday. She repeatedly pestered the 66-year-old to say “Free Palestine” and promised to leave him alone if he did so.

The podcast host, known for his tense interviews, also discussed Baldwin’s criminal case in New Mexico, where he faces manslaughter in the fatal shooting of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins on the set of “Rust.”

The Emmy winner grabbed the activist’s phone as she tried to get it back. He pushed her towards the door and locked it to prevent her from entering, images she posted show.

She then wandered outside talking about how Baldwin “assaulted me, I should press charges,” while calling random passersby racists and “Zionist bitches.”

After the incident, she said in a statement: “My performance art and confrontational media are a statement on the double standards of society in the United States.

“While the United States supports Israel in the genocide of the Palestinians, here at home, powerful people maintain a facade of politeness and dignity while we export death and terror around the world,” she said. continued, adding that the entertainment industry “has remained largely silent.” about the “Israeli genocide”.

In her recent videos, she largely insults cops and tells pro-Israel protesters things like, “You know they’re not coming home, right?” » referring to the hostages kidnapped by Hamas.

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