The new Star Wars Outlaws trailer introduces you to the criminal underworld

It already looked like Ubisoft’s Star Wars Outlaws I was going to play like Grand Theft Auto in space, and the latest trailer for the game only accentuates this atmosphere. It also reveals a proper release date: the game will be released for PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC on August 30.

The new game preview is primarily a trailer and focuses on the criminal underworld, a key part of Outlaw. You are introduced to a crime family called Zerek Besh, described as “new, rich and deadly.” They also seem to have great influence over the rest of the underworld, including groups like the Hutts and Crimson Dawn. Naturally, they also go after the main character, Kay Vess.

According to the trailer, Kay (along with her adorable axolotl-like companion Nix) is forced to buy her freedom, which involves stealing a large fortune from the Zerek Besh. It looks like a complex web, and it also looks like Kay will have to assemble a team of like-minded scoundrels to pull it off. The trailer also features many iconic characters Star Wars moments, like the Sarlacc Pit and an encounter with none other than Jabba. More importantly, there are a lot of Nixes.

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