Something About Her Draws Massive Crowd as ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Fans Wait For Hours

Something About Her — the West Hollywood sandwich shop launched by “Vanderpump Rules” stars Ariana Madix and Katie Maloney — is officially open for business, after a long period in administrative limbo. On Wednesday, more than 100 people lined up outside the lighted awning before it opened, waiting several hours to purchase the much-anticipated sandwiches from the much-anticipated restaurant.

A few days after the soft opening for friends and family, it was finally time to open the doors to the public. Variety came to check it out the first day it opened.

“It was very, very exciting when we opened the blinds,” Madix said. Variety. “The line was crazy. We’re just so grateful that all these people are not only willing to come and support us, but they’re also willing to wait. We’re a small place, so it’s really great.

And wait, they did. Fans patiently waited in line for three hours to claim a coveted seat in this joyous space. Ciera Carattimi and Lauren Rodriguez arrived from Whittier and San Gabriel and were already waiting over an hour for food. How long would they be willing to stay? “Forever!” Rodríguez exclaimed. “I actually canceled, I was supposed to be at work.”

“Vanderpump Rules” fans across the world have all been eagerly awaiting the premiere of Something About Her, which was teased during the jaw-dropping 2023 “Vanderpump Rules” reunion. Amid the Scandoval drama of the last year (during which Madix’s long-running film (her boyfriend and co-star Tom Sandoval was revealed to have cheated on her with their co-star, Rachel Leviss), the idea of ​​two castmates getting together coming together to bring some brightness to so much drama struck a chord with fans Bravo fans were so ready for the opening of Something About Her that they purchased over $200,000 worth of merchandise before. the first piece of bread is toasted.

Opening day was not without drama. Before they could even welcome the first guest inside, the sandwich shop’s POS (point of sale) system was down. “Of course!” Madix said. “It’s the first day, and everything that could go wrong that has never happened before has happened. But everyone pulled together and we started working on a different system, just like that! We did it.

Hollywood production designer Jon Hutman – who worked on several Nancy Meyers films, including “The Holiday,” “Something’s Gotta Give” and “It’s Complicated” – decorated the venue. Decorated with antique chandeliers and numerous cushions, the ambiance of Something About Her is decidedly relaxing. It’s the kind of place that encourages a glass of wine with lunch (if that’s your thing), while guests relax to the sound of gentle jazz tunes playing through the speakers.

“We have beer and wine, hard kombucha, seltzers, hard teas,” Madix said. And yes, of course, Loverboy, Kyle Cooke’s cocktail creation from Bravo sister series “Summer House” was in stock and on display, alongside Avaline wine and a line of premium drinks, including Recess, from cider and a variety of Olipop. sodas.

Madix and Maloney’s intention for their restaurant is printed on its menus. Together, they shared a dream: “…to create a space that not only nourishes the body but also uplifts the spirit.” As two passionate women seeking empowerment and connection, we imagined a haven where design and taste intertwine to celebrate femininity and creativity.

Perched next to the merch stand, fittingly displayed in vintage-looking baskets and containers, was “Vanderpump Rules” storyteller and Katie Maloney’s mother, Teri Noble Maloney. The matriarch said it was amazing to finally see the yellow and white awning open for business: “A lady in line started crying, and then I started crying.” And if you’re curious, Something About Her has a collection of merch options, including t-shirts in black, white, and sage for $29.99, and black or white baseball caps for $29.99. “They’re selling like hot cakes,” added Teri Maloney. Katie Maloney declined to comment; we are the queen of limits.

As for sandwiches, Teri Noble Maloney suggested “The Meg,” “which is like a Mediterranean salad on a lavash wrap.” But she also remains fond of the chicken salad sandwich called “The Reese.” Meal prices range from $14 to $18, chips not included (but several plates came with grapes).

As the first day approached closing time (4 p.m.), all signs pointed to success. Four of the nine sandwiches were sold out and the line still showed no signs of slowing down. In response, Madix and Maloney came out again to greet fans. The dedication is real.

When asked what they would say to Madix and Maloney, if given the chance, their fans answered the call.

“They are the strongest women of all time, and I think they are a positive influence on everyone watching,” Carattimi said. “Every woman goes through (a breakup), but I feel like the way Ariana handles it, she shows the right way to do it. It’s a very positive reinforcement that you haven’t seen on the show For years.

“I don’t want to get into that because I’ll start crying. I love him so much,” Rodriquez added. “They are my icons, and I love them forever, and no one can make me hate them.”

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