Overwatch 2’s New Season Reimagines Its Heroes As Villains

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Monitoring 2The tenth season of begins April 16 and it will be new non-binary damage heroes Venture onto the list after their testing phase last month. While the drill-based brawler is the headliner of Season 10 (called Venture Forth), a special limited-time event that stands out. The Mirrorwatch event will run from April 23 to May 13, during which Blizzard will reimagine its iconic heroes as villains, and vice versa.

The season will include skins for Tracer, Reinhardt and Brigitte as members of Talon, the antagonist organization of Monitoringthe universe. Meanwhile, villains Doomfist, Widowmaker, and Sombra will all be decked out in Overwatch’s iconic blue and white. This will coincide with a PvP event between these remixed teams, which will change certain abilities in each character’s kits. Doomfist now has a shield and can actually defend his teammates. We love to see it.

In keeping with that theme, Mercy gets this season Customizable mythical skin. Vengeance Mercy depicted Monitoringis a flying doctor as Agent Talon, and she seems much more vindictive and cruel than her usual caring and caring self. In the trailer, she says “she decides” who she will actually heal, and although Mercy players are still you have to be picky about who they help, you wouldn’t expect to hear the good doctor say that herself. This will be the price at the end of the Season 10 Battle Pass, with other Mirrorwatch skins spread across the store and pass.

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Speaking of limited-time events, Blizzard is offering a short trial for the new Clash mode. announced at Blizzcon last year. From April 16 to 29, players will be able to try the new Hanaoka map which reinvents the Hanamura map from the original map. Monitoring for a different type of game. Clash allows teams to move between five objective capture points until one team claims all five.

Season 10 marks the start of several changes for Monitoring 2. Venture and all previous heroes will be free for all players rather than having to be unlocked through the Battle Pass. Previous mythical skins will also be unlockable via a new tab on the store. Always no word on story missions, However. Imagine that.

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