Tim Cook confirms Apple will discuss ‘big plans’ for AI at next week’s iPad event

Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed that the company will discuss AI at its iPad event next week. Cook reportedly said Apple had “big plans to announce” for AI at its May event and June developer conference.

Per CNBC, in the results interview:

Cook also said Apple has “big plans to announce” from an “AI perspective” at its iPad event next week as well as at the company’s annual developers conference in June.

While this isn’t the first time Apple has publicly announced big AI news coming this year, it does confirm this week’s report that there will be an AI angle in the iPad event planned for the week next.

All year, Cook has been getting investors excited about Apple’s upcoming AI announcements. In February, Apple’s CEO announced that AI news would come later this year, suggesting iOS 18. Later that month, Cook said Apple would “innovate” in generative AI in 2024 .

Last November, he used an earnings conference call to express that Apple was looking at generative AI from a responsible perspective. Before that, the company claimed that Apple had been investing in generative AI technology “for years.”

Apple’s next event is scheduled for Tuesday, May 7 at 10 a.m. ET. WWDC will take place a month later with the keynote scheduled for Monday, June 10.

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