No Rest for the Wicked Early Access Hotfix 3 Improves Performance, Balance, Loot and More

No Rest for the Wicked developer Moon Studios has released the biggest update yet for its action role-playing game as it fights to improve its “mixed” rating on Steam.

No Rest for the Wicked launched on Steam as Early Access on April 18 with an impressive number of concurrent players, but players have complained about a number of issues, including performance issues, location and lack of quality of life features. Check out IGN’s No Rest for the Wicked Early Access review for more.

Moon Studios, famous for the Ori franchise, said Hotfix 3 improves performance, balance, loot, harvesting and graphics, and fixes progression blockers while adding new options in the Settings screen. A few dozen other bugs in the rest of the game have also been fixed, Moon Studios added. Of note is the following change: “Automatic camera zoom adjustment for handheld devices and Performance mode.” This should appeal to players on Steam Deck, for example.

In a Tweeter, Thomas Mahler, CEO and creative director of Moon Studios, called on Early Access players to “hold on” while the developer works on version 1.0. “We understand that people paid a lot of money to play Wicked, so they expect a good experience on their machines up front,” Mahler said.

“We’ve already released a few optimization fixes with more dramatic changes on the way! By joining us on our Early Access journey, you’ll benefit from all improvements, content updates, and fixes until version 1.0 is released. So hold on tight, we’ll make sure you get a great product (while being able to give we go right back, we listen!).”

No Rest for Wicked Early Access Patch 3 Patch Notes:

Performance improvement:

  • Improved zone streaming, making gameplay smoother when traversing different zones
  • Dynamic resolution scaling is now less aggressive, maintaining higher image quality
  • Improved selection of off-screen physical objects and characters
  • Fixed the elimination of bird animations, improving their performance in levels (there are many!)
  • Additional shader optimizations for performance mode
  • Fixed a leak that increased memory and CPU usage the longer the game was played
  • Optimized rain and other GPU particles
  • Opening cutscenes and ship prologue optimizations
  • Memory optimizations for character customization textures
  • Additional general CPU performance improvements

Graphics additions and fixes:

  • Adjusting brightness/contrast/saturation no longer disrupts HDR rendering
  • Fade to black now goes entirely black in HDR mode

Settings additions and fixes:

  • Added camera zoom adjustment option
  • Automatic camera zoom adjustment for handheld devices and Performance mode

Menu changes:

  • Added a new menu for exiting the game that includes both exiting to the main menu and exiting to the desktop (localized text for this menu will be available soon!)
  • Adjusted repair menu size to fit text in other languages

Balance changes:

  • Weapon parry now consumes stamina (shield parry remains unchanged).
  • Nerfed Gaining Focus On Focus Using Enchantment
  • Unarmed people can now deal hits while enemies are on the ground after performing a backstab.

Loot Changes:

  • Dig rates adjusted so Clay drops more often
  • Reduced the number of hits required for dig points, ore veins, and trees.

Enemy Changes:

  • Improved behavior for Nith Screamer and Shackled Brute

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed the crane not rotating correctly in Nameless Pass and blocking player progression.
  • Fixed a chest in the elevator in Mariner’s Keep locking you out when trying to loot it.
  • Fixed delve points sometimes not yielding any loot
  • Fixed remaining enemies and bosses becoming Kaijus.
  • Fixed Falstead Darak dealing damage while transitioning while still human.
  • Fixed some doors in Sacrament not having interaction hints
  • Fixed missing visual effects for Twin Bruisers, False Ones and Boarskin Ax attacks.
  • Fixed a condition where enemies attack when they shouldn’t
  • Fixed supplier buy/sell prices on raw and refined materials, which are only ¼ of what they should be.
  • Fix missing furniture on Workbench
  • Fixed Mira and Meri’s spinning wheel not allowing players to refine wool threads into clothing.
  • Fixed keyboard and mouse buttons not working on the bounty contribution panel
  • Fixed an issue where secondary notifications would occasionally spam players.
  • Fixed parry tutorial trigger conditions
  • Fixed enchantment tutorial wording to more accurately describe the common rarity.
  • Fixed a place in the Prologue where you can jump ship
  • Fixed the sizing of a railing on the ship in Prologue
  • Fixed places where you can get stuck in a climbing loop in Orban Glades and Nameless Pass
  • Fixed place in the black trench where you can see the outside world
  • Corrected the recipe name for Angler’s Delight Chowder.
  • Changed the color of the Danos confirmation button so that it is not grayed out
  • Fixed NPCs not knowing how to hold fishing rods in Nameless Pass.
  • Fixed missing shadows and incorrect volumetric fog after changing resolution
  • Fixed a reflection appearing in the Sewer Dungeon
  • Fixed torches and fires in cutscenes
  • Fixed rain appearing in Nameless Pass caves
  • Fixed missing sound for the waterfall in the Potion Seller’s Cave.
  • Fixed missing audio for Nameless Pass prisoner slicing and mining.
  • Fixed an issue where there was a super bright mist in the Twins Boss arena after respawning.
  • Fixed pink effects sometimes appearing in faders
  • Improved collisions in some locations in Orban Glades
  • Improved faders in Nameless Pass
  • Fixed photosensitivity screen having overlapping text in some languages

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