Palworld reveals 4 of the ‘many more’ new Pals coming in its summer update

World Pal, the survival sensation from earlier this year, has just revealed a little more about what’s coming in its planned summer update. During today’s ID@Xbox showcase, Pocketpair revealed four new Pals arriving this year. It’s not a long trailer, but it includes a good 20 seconds or so of new friend and weapon reveals.

There’s a stocky, rotund frog wizard that shoots water bubbles, an ostrich-like bird with ground attacks, what appears to be a martial artist hare, and a mushroom-headed dinosaur that looks like a small green Relaxaurus . However, we haven’t seen any of their names yet, so that part remains a mystery. You can also spot a player using a flamethrower (a real one, not a Foxparks used as one with its Pal special ability) and some high-tech looking guns, both of which appear to be new additions in the same update up to date.

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