New gender-swapped ninja potentially leaked as Mortal Kombat 1 DLC

Mortal Kombat 1 just received its latest DLC character in Ermac earlier today, but it looks like we now know something else that could also be coming to the game.

Future DLC for MK1 has potentially leaked online, and interestingly, it’s a new take on a classic gender-swapped ninja.

Potential spoilers for future Mortal Kombat announcements ahead.

Professional model and fashion designer Jiwon Ra posted a rather curious post on her Instagram today, claiming that she provided the face model capture for Harumi Hasashi in Mortal Kombat 1.

On top of that, her post states that she will be part of the game as a female version of Scorpion.

However, it doesn’t appear that this Scorpio is a playable character in his own right, given that his post says to “choose Harumi as Kameo” as well as to use the hashtag #Kameo.

If this is all legit, it likely points to the arrival of a new Scorpion Kamo in MK1’s Kombat Pack 2, which has yet to be officially revealed.

Going in this direction wouldn’t be that surprising considering they already made Janet Cage a Kameo in Kombat Pack 1 as an alternate gender swap in Johnny Cage’s timeline (who also appeared briefly in the story mode ).

If you really want to get technical in this case, though, it would instead be Scorpio’s title being gender-swapped from its regular holders since Harumi is already an established character.

In the original timeline, Harumi was the wife of Hanzo Hasashi, who was killed alongside the rest of the Shirai Ryu and inspired Scorpion on the path of revenge.

The Mortal Kombat 1 timeline features her as Harumi Shirai and married to Kuai Liang Scorpion as part of the Shirai Ryu and is still alive as far as we know.

For this Kameo, however, it seems like they would go with one of the other potential timelines introduced in MK1 where Hanzo was killed with Harumi taking on the role of Scorpion.

As for how her movements and appearance would differ from Hanzo/Kuai Liang, that remains to be seen, but her in-game artwork indicates that she might focus more on swordplay.

It’s important to take this reveal with a grain of salt, as nothing has been officially confirmed by NetherRealm Studios or Warner Bros. yet. – and there’s nothing else to fully back that up other than his message.

At the time of reporting, Jiwon Ra’s post is still up on Instagram where she is actively responding to fan comments. It even includes a question about whether she’s ever allowed to talk about it, to which she replies “I am.”

She also includes a number of images and videos in the article, but none of them are really new (or in some cases part of MK1), other than maybe a photo of a motion/face capture setup.

If Harumi Scorpion is indeed coming to MK1 as DLC in the future, an official announcement is likely still several months away.

Kombat Pack 2 likely won’t be revealed until Final Kombat in June or later this summer after the first round of DLC with Takeda ends.

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