Engineer Abdullah Al-Saeed achieved many accomplishments, trying to achieve his dreams

During his small journey in life, he achieved many accomplishments, trying to achieve his dreams.

Abdullah received a number of honors, certificates of appreciation, and shields from the President of the Republic, ministers, and military and security leaders in Egypt and some Arab countries.



Abdullah was the founder and leader of the Egyptian team participating in the Unmanned Aircraft Competition in 2014. Abdullah’s team received 3 recognition awards for the use of unmanned aircraft.



صورة الفريق

The founder and leader of the Egyptian team of students and teaching assistants in Zewail City and the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Alexandria in providing a number of solutions to contribute to saving the cave children in Thailand by designing a small oxygen cylinder for areas less than 35 cm in height in the cave, through which the cave children can breathe well In preparation for getting them out of the cave surrounded by water from all sides, in coordination with a German, American and Canadian companies specialized in making diving equipment, in 7/2018.


صورة الكهف

He won first place in a national competition for smart education solutions with technology organized by Cairo University in cooperation with the Ministry of Youth and Sports in 2016.

Honored by Minister of Youth Khaled Abdulaziz in 2016

صورة الجائزة


He wrote a project proposal to control a warship by satellite communication and worked with a research team consisting of students and engineers under the supervision of a group of Egyptian researchers abroad, and the research proposal was chosen as one of the best 60 projects out of 1500 research and posters in the second scientific conference at Zewail City of Science and technology and won the third place in the Second Science day conference in Alexandria and participated in the first innovation conference at the Military Technical College as a guest. In 2016, his research was chosen as one of the 10 best projects in the competition with a research vision in the development of naval ships and unmanned ships in a competition sponsored by the US Department of Defense.

صورة البوستر


Abdullah participated in presenting a poster of a research project proposal at a conference in Germany. His research was on a model of a smart mobile gate to detect explosives inside cars, and the gate would be before central ambushes and controlled remotely to contribute to reducing terrorist operations in North Sinai in 2017


Abdullah was not satisfied with this research, but worked on devising a model for a strict security system to protect churches and important buildings from explosion, which is a secure room that bears the severity of the explosion and absorbs it. Work on the program began after the explosion of a church in Alexandria at the Raml station in 2017

The design passed the test factors, explosion strength test, explosion simulation to calculate the pressure on the walls with the CFD program in the room. The design also tested the wall material based on the pressure, simulating an explosion on the wall using the FEA program to verify the properties of the material and determine the required thickness, as well as the dimensions of the corridor between the walls. This was under the supervision of a group of researchers at the College of Maritime Transport


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