iFixit teardown reveals big change for the M4 iPad Pro’s repairability

Thanks to teardowns and durability (folding) tests, we learn a lot about the design of the new ultra-thin iPad Pro. Now the folks at iFixit have performed a thorough teardown, revealing a significant internal change that could save “hours on repair time.” The video also offers our first look at the new Apple Pencil Pro.

iFixit’s teardown offers one of our best looks at the new iPad Pro M4’s internals. Take a close look at the new tandem OLED display, repositioned front camera and perhaps most importantly, the battery.

The battery inside the new 13-inch iPad Pro M4 clocks in at 38.99 Wh, which is actually slightly smaller than the previous generation’s 40.33 Wh. Apple, of course, says you can still expect the same 10-hour battery life thanks to the M4’s efficiency improvements and better heat dissipation.

The big deal, though, is that you can now remove the iPad Pro’s battery without having to first remove “all major components,” as was the case with previous generations.

Shahram Mokhtari of iFixit explains:

Despite the difficulties of accessing these tabs, the fact that you can remove the battery without having to remove all the major components of this device is still a huge win in terms of repairability. This is a huge improvement over previous generations.

Check out iFixit’s full teardown of the M4 iPad Pro and new Apple Pencil Pro below. I found it fascinating to see the internal structure changes that allow for an ultra-thin, yet still durable design.

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