New Galaxy Z Flip 6 and Galaxy Ring details have leaked, courtesy of the FCC

It appears the yet-to-be-announced Galaxy Z Flip 6 is getting a slight increase in battery capacity compared to the Z Flip 5, according to FCC test records spotted by MySmartPrice. The Galaxy Ring’s size ranges and battery ratings have also emerged, revealing some good news for the little finger, as it tested as low as a size 5.

The Z Flip 6’s battery is rated at 3,790mAh, based on screenshots shared by the outlet. That’s a bit higher than the 3,700 mAh capacity Samsung announced for the Z Flip 5. Assuming that translates to increased battery life – which is not safe to assume – this might be a slight, albeit welcome, change for a phone that might not change much otherwise, at least judging by the renders of the Z Flip 6 which leaked earlier this year.

Or, if you’ve been following these previous leaks, 3,790 mAh might be a disappointment: This previous round of rumors suggested Samsung was testing a larger 4,000 mAh battery instead.

As for the Galaxy Ring, it appears to range from size 5 to size 12. This matches the sizes of the Evie Ring. But that’s different from the Oura Ring Gen 3, which starts at 6 and goes up to 13, as well as the Ultrahuman Ring Air, which you can get in sizes 5 to 14.

The Galaxy Ring’s battery capacity seems typical, ranging from 17 mAh to 22 mAh, depending on the size. For comparison, the latest Oura Ring ranges from 15mAh to 22mAh and can last up to seven days between charges, while Samsung officials said its ring could last up to nine days. As always, when it comes to battery life claims, “I’ll believe it when I see it” is the right attitude to take.

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