How to Install a VPN on Android TV

You’ve arrived at the correct place if you want to set up a VPN for Android TV. You may find out how to install a VPN on the router and just how major VPN services function with Android TV in the instructions below.

On Android TV, a VPN can be set up.

You may still set up a VPN on your smartphone, even though it wasn’t made for Android TV. 

Finding a compatible app can need some searching (or a direct question to the creator), but it is feasible. 

Using a VPN on ones router is another choice if this isn’t a method for yourself or if you don’t know what to do to accomplish it yourself. In this method, the router’s VPN client will automatically protect all networked printers to it without requiring any action on their behalf.

No VPNs have been created for Android TV.

There are no VPNs made for Android TV. The majority of VPNs are not made for Android TV.

The Search online media box isn’t supported by the majority of VPN services, it’s a reality. Though a few VPNs do provide Android TV apps, they aren’t always user-friendly or reliable—the same is true of too many final Kodi addons as well!

You can configure a VPN on your router directly.

Instead of using an upgrade or another device, bring your Google Tv device straight to your router and log in from there.

You must ascertain the router’s IP address if you wish to configure a VPN on it, because your IP address shows what is your location and where you are. Next, download and launch the VPN service app. 

After doing that, you may use this technique to create a secure link for any devices linked to your router. This is the best option if you have family members that use their personal devices (such as laptops) but also need to be protected from malware or viruses when using Wi-Fi to access the internet at home.

The majority of VPN providers work with Android TV.

Android TV apps are available for most VPN services. Whether your service provider has an Android TV app, you can check their app store to see if you can download it there.

If you’re unsure whether your VPN service offers an Android TV app, simply conduct a Google search for their primary website, then pick on the “Apps” portion of that page. Look in their “The About” section if a link to their apps isn’t already there in the search bar (or contact them directly).

Don’t panic if the VPN service you use doesn’t offer a Google Tv app yet; there are still workarounds for this issue. We actually have two methods that will let you connect your device to any major router out there, regardless of whether it is operating on Windows phone or MacOS High Sierra 10.13 version 11beta5 version 6; whether it is currently running on iOS 12 beta 3, which was released yesterday during Tim Cook’s keynote address at WWDC 2018; or whether it is currently running on any other operating system.

An Android TV, a VPN can be installed.

On your Google Tv device, launch Google Play and type “VPN” into the search bar.


  • Find a VPN service that you would like to utilize (We recommend NordVPN). Install first, then Accept. If nothing occurs right away after completing your card details or clicking “Accept,” don’t worry—the software will begin installing in the background and be installed quickly enough!


  • You can launch the app and log in as usual after it has finished downloading and installing by entering your login information (email address and password) through into appropriate areas when required at launch time.


You might browse any media that is barred in your country if you use a VPN. But using a VPN on Stock Android can also keep your info secure and shield you from prying eyes. Be cautious to check before signing up for a VPN service because not all of them are available on Android TV. Also keep in mind that most gadgets do not arrive with VPN software already installed.

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