Flaine: Best Skiing Resort

France is one of the best countries for ski resorts. Every year a huge number of tourists come here, from all corners of our planet. In this country’s beautiful mountains you can enjoy the magnificent scenery, interesting sights, and a relaxing/extreme ride on the plains. But to fully enjoy an extreme holiday, you need to choose the best resort. In our opinion, Flaine is the perfect resort for it.

Why is that?

In fact, when it comes to ski resorts in France we read different names, but Flaine is a classic from the 1960s. If skiing/snowboarding is your first priority, you should definitely consider this resort. Further on in the article, we will write about its advantages over the rest. In the meantime, let’s decide how to get there.

Comfortable ski transfer

The issue of logistics should always be addressed in advance, so it does not create problems during the trip itself. And the decision to take an extreme vacation at a winter resort is no exception. You can fly to the closest airport in terms of distance from Flaine – that is, the airport in Geneva. And from there, take AtoB ski transfers Geneva to Flaine. You will be met by a qualified driver of Geneva ski transfer and taken in comfort to the desired location. In addition, you can choose the desired class and type of your ski transfer, for example, if you go to a whole company – to order a minivan. 

Benefits of the Flain Resort

Suitable for everyone. As you know, the French Alps have a huge number of ski resorts – they are all quite large areas for extreme skiing. And just the resort of Flin – occupies not a small part of them. One of the most important parts of it is all the different terrain that you can ride in. Why did we sign the “Suitable for Everyone” clause? 

Let’s take a beginner, for example. What does the Flen ski resort have to offer?  He gets steep snowy kids’ slopes and 2 free elevators (which are in Flen Forum and Flen Fore, the two main points in the resort). Also, he has a great opportunity from 0 to become a pro, because after the kids’ slopes – he will be able to use the longer peaks.

Tourists who are at an intermediate level of riding will also appreciate this resort, it has a very impressive scale overall. There are a lot of long snow tracks (it is 265 km of different landscapes). Basically, everything is built on the principle: a lot of extreme courses, which are mostly above the tree line – and through them go down to the resort itself. But there is an exception to the rule, namely the Cascades piste. It’s a very quiet ride through the terrain to the small village of Sixtus. After that, you can order an already-known AtoB airport taxi and return back to the resort.

However, if you like sharpness and extreme, the Les Carroz circuit is particularly suitable for you. It is a 1,200-meter slope that is completely tree-lined – the turns will be as epic as possible. And of course, the ski resort of Flaine has not forgotten about professional skiers. For them, there are several slopes: Diamant Noir, an extreme descent from the top of Grandes Platières, and Col Gers, which is about the same difficulty. In addition to all of the above, there are off-piste runs, locally and all over the massif. But in any case, you should take a guide – not to get lost. 

Lots of snow. When booking AtoB airport taxi to Flaine, you should know that you’re going to the North-Western Alps, which are considered the snowiest area (because there’s often a fallout from an Atlantic storm). It’s from here that this ski resort is not far away – which means it’s extremely lucky for the location.  After all, most of the slopes that tourists drive down are orientated to the north. And you can ski or snowboard even in March – the snow will melt very slowly.

Good price. Popular resorts in the French Alps have always been considered very expensive places – in principle, they are. But Flaine is a small exception to the rule – the prices there, relative to other places, are good. Now the resort is transforming a bit, it also wants to be elite. But Flein always stays open to a wide range of audiences with all sorts of budgets. And if you have a very limited vacation budget, but still want an unusual and upscale atmosphere – there is an option to book a luxury airport taxi to your hotel.

Warm communication. And to summarize, the last (but in our opinion a very important thing) is the attitude of the people who will surround you at the resort. For reason that this is not a high-profile 5-star resort with some shouty name, it seems to have had an effect on the communication with people, for the better. So if you take an airport taxi and decide to come to Flein – you’ll find a very friendly and not afraid to call it the word – “homey” atmosphere here. And that’s actually very much worth it.

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