Escape From Tarkov Rival Gray Zone Warfare Sells 400,000 in 2 Days

Escape From Tarkov’s rival, Gray Zone Warfare, has proven to be a hit on Steam after selling 400,000 copies in two days.

Developer Madfinger Games has posted to It has now fallen to second place, but only behind the Steam Deck, meaning it remains the best-selling game against Counter Strike 2, Manor Lords, Helldivers 2 and, well, everything else.

“400,000 copies of Gray Zone Warfare sold,” Madfinger said in the post below. “We are speechless. In just two days of early access, we welcomed 400,000 PMCs to Lamang Island. Your support is beyond incredible. Thank you all. Let’s keep moving forward together and always remember that every movement counts.”

Gray Zone Warfare was released in Early Access on April 30, 2024 as a tactical first-person shooter with an emphasis on detail and realism. It also came as the community for Escape From Tarkov, a similarly hardcore and realistic online first-person shooter currently in beta, has lashed out at the developer after a series of controversies.

The correlation between the two has been noted by many players, some of whom have stated that they left Escape From Tarkov to play Gray Zone Warfare. This came after Escape From Tarkov players shared their frustration with “shameless” and “tone deaf” developer Battlestate Games, which released a $250 edition with exclusive content and pay-to-win items .

Gray Zone Warfare has not been without its problems, however, as many players have complained of poor performance, among other issues. Its Steam rating was “Mostly Negative” on launch day before slowly creeping back up to “Mixed” where it currently sits, with 64% of all reviews being positive.

Ryan Dinsdale is a freelance journalist for IGN. He’ll talk about The Witcher all day.

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