Engineer Abdullah Al-Saeed High school- until after University

That stage was deep and had many events during which Abdullah developed his leadership with others. He took on his father’s qualities, who was a noble religious person that was so committed to serving others and contributing to the society especially orphans and he combined it with his passion to create leading initiatives that support others.

Abdullah entered the secondary school affiliated with the Ministry of Defense which is under the Navy’s management. One of the most important events of this period was his closeness to his friends, whom he met in the weapons maintenance workshop, from the officers and commanders of the Egyptian Navy, with whom he used to sit a lot to learn from them various disciplines. Despite his young age, he was able to develop friendships with them and earn their trust and respect from the beginning of his relationship with them until now, and at that time he also got direct support from Admiral Tamer Abdel-Aleem, the commander of the naval forces back then when he accepted Abdullah’s request to train in the naval forces’ maintenance workshops, maintenance of warships, and also a year later, Abdullah asked Admiral Mohab Mameesh to undergo training in the Naval Forces Research Center and the Admiral approved his request.

Approval of these requests were generally impossible but, for the first time it was granted to a high school student. What contributed to the Navy’s decision to make that exception was Abdullah’s intensive knowledge about the navy and the naval fleet, as well as his fruitful powerful discussions with the leadership of the naval forces which impressed them a lot, all of that next to Abdulla’s grit contributed to his being uniquely exceptional in their eyes.

Abdullah helped family friends, including Dr. Amal, a faculty member in the Faculty of Science, in studying physics and mechanics, and his father’s colleague Rana, a faculty member in the Faculty of Political Science, who contributed to increasing Abdullah’s political, diplomatic and intellectual awareness.

Also, his friend’s mum, who is a researcher in Israelites, taught him about Islamic heritage, the establishment of the Zionist movement, the Arab-Israeli conflict, and the Egyptian-Israeli conflict. This information created a deep foundation for Abdullah’s strong intellectual and scientific awareness all of which will have impact on his personality and his life later,,,

In 2007, the Alexandria Library organized a scientific exhibition for the Intel Competition for Science and Technology, and an official in the Alexandria Library, as an organizing body, offered him the chance to participate in the Intel competition, and Abdullah participated with a project about remotely controlling  electric motors with timings and sensors..

On the day of the competition, the scientist Dr. Ahmed Zewail, who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, visited the Library of Alexandria, and passed by the contestants, including Abdullah, who spoke to him for a long time after Dr.Zewail was drawn to Abdullah’s elegant style and intellect at this young age.

Abdullah exchanged communication with Dr. Zewail on more than one topic and about the participating project of the competition

Abdullah affirmed his love for Dr. Zewail who was one of his role models. Abdullah shared with Dr.Zewail his passion for building weapons and Dr.Zewail’s reply was “how about you show me how you can turn your project in a weapon, you just need to brainstorm a model on a piece of paper and i’ll go check the other projects and come back to you.

Amongst the members of the committee and the visiting guests that day were the Director of the Library of Alexandria, Dr. Ismail Serageldin.


And in less than ten minutes, Abdullah was able to create an innovative design for a machine gun that is directed by a control unit to direct the machine gun left and right and fire from it

The following picture shows the model that Abdullah imagined, but without cameras. After years, this model will be executed in military exhibitions.

When Dr. Zewail came back as he promised and he saw Abdallah’s innovative design, he and other senior scholars praised Abdullah, and the audiences applauded him.

Dr. Zewail gave Abdullah his contact details and asked him to be in communication.

From that moment in the Biblioteca of Alexandria in 2007 till Dr. Zewail’s death in 2016, Dr. Zewail was one of Abdullah’s biggest supporters and mentors to nurture his leadership potential  .

And when Zewail City for Science and Technology was established in 2012, that is a scientific city with a university and a number of research centers,  Abdullah supported the cause through his strong network of business leaders and investors abroad that have donated to the founding of the Research City.


فيديو إنشاء مدينة زويل

Since that incident in 2007, this experience opened new horizons in training on the basics of scientific research, methods of presenting projects and leadership programs that Abdullah took part in locally and abroad .

A picture of participating in the Intel Library competition

The year 2007 was the year of unlocking Abdullah’s potential …


From 2007 to 2019, Abdullah participated in many local and international scientific competitions until he became a judge in hackathons and scientific competitions   .


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