Doctor in Brazil Used Vision Pro Amid Surgery For Assistance, Calling it a ‘Game-Changer’ in The Field

The Vision Pro saw the light of day last year at the WWDC event, but it took a while to hit shelves as the company was creating the necessary hype and preparing developers to create suitable use cases for helmet. Although reviewers share positive comments, the possibilities of the device are endless as developers work to expand the applications of the Vision Pro into the real world. Now we learn that an orthopedic surgeon in Brazil used the Apple Vision Pro to successfully perform surgery on a patient’s shoulder.

Vision Pro was used to perform shoulder surgeries in Brazil, as it replaced many pieces of equipment in the operating room.

The Vision Pro is one of the leading headsets for an augmented reality experience and the next generation models will take it to the next level. Carried out by Doctor Bruno Gobbato, the patient was operated on for a rotator cuff tear, caused by excessive wear of the tendon tissue of the shoulder. Gobbato shared his experience with the Vision Pro and how it contributed to the operation with its diverse range of cameras and sensors working together to display relevant information related to the operation. MacMagazine writing :

“Arthroscopic shoulder surgery uses a camera inside the joint and surgeons perform it by looking directly at a screen. With this device, I was able to view the image on the size of a cinema screen with high resolution, as well as view patient exams and 3D models in real time.

It can be seen in the video shared by the doctor on YouTube how Vision Pro helped him see notes, x-rays, live cameras and more during the operation. The doctor has also used Microsoft’s HoloLens to perform surgeries in the past, meaning he is familiar with the difficulties of wearing a headset in the operating room. Overall, the operation was a success and the Vision Pro replaced a multitude of equipment in the room.

While doctors are calling the headset “revolutionary,” the use cases for the Vision Pro are endless, other than media consumption and your daily tasks. However, the Vision Pro is not cheap as it starts at a high price of $3,499 for the basic model against the competition. However, the product is worth it depending on what you plan to use it for. The company will potentially launch the Vision Pro in other countries before the WWDC event in June.

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