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Operation: Banished Honor arrives on April 30 and you’re going to want to be up for it! After all, the outcasts are welcome all who pledge their service to Atriox, and your new allegiance and mindset demand a new outfit, so let’s find out more about the customization that awaits you…


Banished Honor Premium Pass Halo Infinite image

The Spartans have often been seen as incorruptible symbols of virtue, but that’s just the official story. Some names are known as historical examples of Spartans going rogue, taking up various causes or simply trying to leave the UN Security Council to start a new life: Randall-037, Soren-066, Michael Crespo, Vladimir Scruggs, Ilsa Zane. …

The banished are not united by species or faith, but by bonds of brotherhood and allegiance to the warmaster Atriox. Break ties with your past life and dedicate yourself to the quest for glory and loot while working your way through the Operation Pass, which contains the pieces you’ll need to assemble your new Champion armor.

A Spartan wearing elements of the Operation Banished Honor reward course.

Progress through your Operation Pass by completing Match XP and Challenges, and unlock new armor, a new visor and emblem, as well as Spartan Points to spend in the exchange.

Additional premium options for Operation Pass include:

  • 500 credits will make the Operation Pass durable (it will not expire), provide bonus XP during the Operation’s live window, an additional challenge slot while your pass is equipped, and will come with an item of exclusive customization.
  • 2,000 credits instantly unlock all 20 levels of Operation Pass upon purchase and include the exclusive bonus customization element.

Upgrade to the Premium Pass to obtain the Fuego Flame armor coating and strike fear into the hearts of all who would oppose you.

Halo Infinite image of the Essence Visor Decompilation from the Banished Honor Operation Pass

*NOTE: The Banished Honor trailer and promotional images depict the Datacore Administrator Visor as a reward in this Operation Pass. The Datacore Administrator Visor is part of the Facing Firewall Pack while the free Banished Honor Operation Pass includes the Essence Decompilation Visor.


Sometimes it’s fun to just go to the armor room and try on lots of different looks, to see what items can make each core and kit unique.

Coatings are obviously a key element of personalization your Spartan, and when Operation: Banished Honor launches, we have 54 existing skins that have been updated to work with additional cores and armor kits.


Halo Infinite screenshot from The Exchange

Missed the previous customization rewards? Enter the exchange.

The Exchange is a brand new store that alternates each operation and contains both items from the past and new customization content. Items are purchased with Spartan Points, a free currency that can be obtained in three main ways:

  • Completing your first daily challenge will earn you 250 SP (instead of XP).
  • By completing the weekly ultimate reward, you will receive 1000 SP (instead of a miscellaneous customization item).
  • Operation reward tracks will offer up to 15,000 SP (replacing various other rewards).

When The Exchange refreshes, items will not “disappear”, removing the ability to obtain them: they will still be available for purchase with Spartan Points via the customization menus (much like bundles once they are will have left the store).


Banished Honor is just the beginning, as it will be followed by two other operations still to come…

Tenrai will return with new customization rewards in the form of a free Operation Pass, a Tenrai-themed trading refresh, and new Shop Packs.

New Mark IV-themed armor pieces come with an Exchange refresh filled with tactical gear from the past and much more!


Halo Infinite image from the Paths to Dominance pack

Head to the store when Banished Honor launches and you’ll find the Path to Dominance Bundle, which contains the following items:

  • Tormentor’s Helmet
  • Tormentor’s Knees
  • Shoulders of the Tormentor’s Mantle
  • Victory Crest Chest Attachment
  • Crimson Compliment wrist tie
  • Dauntless Glyphs Armor Shading
  • Agitator helmet
  • Visor treated against shocks
  • Segmented pauldron shoulders
  • Agitator Heartplate Chest Attachment
  • Agitator Belt Hip Equipment
  • Sharp Bracer Wrist Strap
  • Kneecapper knee pads
  • Carrion River Armor Shading
  • Ruthless Bandit Weapon Model Cutthroat M293
  • Weapon coating for cruel treatment
  • Paths to Domination Mythic Effects Set

This concludes our review of the customization items that come with Operation: Banished Honor. To learn more about this upcoming content update, be sure to check out these other blogs:

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