Bungie Wants To Hear The Giant ‘Destiny 2’ Changes You Want To See, Here Are Mine

Amidst some tough times at Bungie and for Destiny 2 last year, Bungie has now opened the doors and is now checking off a list of things that players have been asking for, literally for years, if not a full decade. , from the Serie.

Horde mode? Do. Returning to classic exotic missions? Here. Power gains between accounts? Yeah. Friends automatically power on to play together? Future. Remove all old weapons from the game? Check. Damn, favor shaders? They got it.

Now community manager Cozmo is asking players what else they want, as Bungie has now gone into genius wish mode, with execs now seeming willing to listen to players and developers relaying these concerns, many of which were previously ignored.

So what should be next on the list? I mean, they’ve done an awful lot lately, but:

Unlimited transmog – It’s time to get rid of the wackiest transmog system in the industry, a cap on transmogs earned each season, and an offer to pay $10 per armor set to transmog the rest. Just not. Stop. Reminds me of the days when they sold consumable shaders, and forget it. Just make it so that when you find armor, you can transmog it. Stop with this absurd system just to try to squeeze more money out of one stone.

Worldfall Armor – I’m tired of having world armor at this point, which may not be the case. as no matter how prevalent or annoying the blues are, but they might as well be given that they are 100% not useful for so many players. I understand that players who are still leveled might need it, but again, once you hit the cap for the blues to stop dropping, you should also make the world armor stop dropping. Don’t reduce drops, but replace them with weapons.

Armor/Weapon Encounter Chests – This could be something in dungeons or raids taken from how The Coil handled this. Allow players to choose a reward between getting armor from an encounter or getting weapons, which would make farming a lot less boring for those activities given that it’s both entirely separate tasks.

Ping system – Another very common request and one that would be about 50 times more useful than just a vague emotion when you want other players to do things without a mic. Emotes should be in a wheel anyway and not take up the whole D-pad.

Return the missing planets – Bungie is doing a good job of removing a number of things from the vault, like these exotic missions, but it’s time to start getting the old areas that were previously removed back into the game, preferably with their strikes in tow . If we’re fixing old mistakes, that’s one. I don’t know if requesting every campaign mission and raid is viable, but the zones themselves? Yes. More to the point, from a lore perspective, after the witness is defeated, this would make sense.

Tribute room – Maybe not exactly this one (but sure, why not), but we need a place to test weapons that doesn’t ping those little floaters in the crafting chamber. We lost a lot of things on Leviathan but this one was really important.

More facial cosmetic options – If you want to let players redo their faces and genders now, for God’s sake, add more options to it. Many of them are unchanged from ten years ago, as almost all of them were ported from Destiny 1. It’s time to update if facial rearrangement is now a thing (and yes, it is also time to wear a beard).

New Gambit cards – I will die on this hill. Gambit is always fun. This is the best condition it has been in. It’s also a dead skeleton at the bottom of the pool. It’s necessary any of them amount of resources devoted to it and should be able to exist as a viable ritual activity instead of one that has been crippled by actively suppressed cards over time. Returning a deleted card is not enough (is this still the case?).

New Assault Maps/Modes/Loot – I’ve talked about this before, but it’s clear that Onslaught is a success, and it will definitely be worth a lot more investment over time. Bungie shouldn’t ignore it in the long run like they did with Dares just because it’s free. We need good free activities!

I tried to avoid monstrous things like “tear down every piece of content” or “create a bunch of sparrow race courses”, but this is what I got. Tell Cozmo you own it.

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