Biden talks, but will he act?

Biden talks, but will he act?


On Thursday evening, President Biden finally told Americans the truth about a new world of threats, which he called an “inflection point.” It’s also a defining moment for the commander in chief: Will Mr. Biden respond if Iran continues to attack U.S. forces abroad? And will he succeed in obtaining support from Congress to restore American military power?

The wars in Israel and Ukraine “may seem distant,” the president said in a rare speech in the Oval Office. “And it’s natural to ask: Why does this matter to America?” But “history has taught us that when terrorists do not pay the price for their terror, when dictators do not pay the price for their aggression, they cause more chaos, death and destruction,” and threats against America are increasing. Vladimir Putin, Mr. Biden noted, considers the Baltic countries members of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization to be rogue Russian provinces. It will not stop at Ukraine.

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