Ask Engineer Abdullah Al-Saeed | Part 1

Q: Abdullah, were you interested in aviation and space science? Specifically rocket science?

Yes, I was have always been interested and I read a lot about the field and its renowned scientists

Q: Who are the rocket scientists whose knowledge and work affected you at the beginning of the current century?

I did not know about many stories in this field, but the most influential ones I know are those of the scientist Mary Sherman Morgan, who invented the liquid “hediane” fuel, the scientist Werner Brown who was one of the best developers of the missile design program, the scientist Robert Goddard, one of the three best scientists from the developers of jet propulsion for missiles. My professor, the Egyptian scientist, Dr. Mahmoud Abdel-Aty, who holds a PhD in Applied Mathematical Science from the Max Planck Institute, Germany, told me about the scientist Catherine Johnson. In NASA’s Space Task Force program, Sergei Korolev, father of the Russian space program and co-founder of the Moscow Rocket Organization, scientist Yvonne Brill invented the Yvonne propulsion system that prevented space satellites from slipping out of orbit.

Q: Abdullah, we have talked to a large group of your friends in America and Germany who are close to you about why you moved to develop security technology or more accurately anti-terrorism technology, and no one could answer us; what is Abdullah’s motive?


This question dates back to 2001 and beyond, but the question is not mine. Rather, to them, the terrorists

Why did they carry out the September 11, 2001 operation and terrorize civilians and my family members? Why did they carry out the process of pride in Sharm El-Sheikh Mall and the Luxor and Khan El-Khalili operations in Egypt in the 2000s? Why terrorize tourists on my land and kill them and civilians? Do you want my answer? Yes, I was affected by all these attacks, and I was and still want to take revenge on them personally, and my revenge is to hunt down or confront those extremists who terrorize civilians in the world or especially on my land

Q: Abdullah, you are a Muslim, but your opinion about the terrorists who speak in the name of the Islamic religion differs from them. Do you think that your Islamic religion ordered the killing of innocent people, even if they were not of your religion?

Yes, I am a Muslim and I testify that God is one and my messenger is Muhammad. Islam is the religion of complete mercy and all humanity, whether for Muslims or non-Muslims. Islam has warned the most severely against intimidating and frightening people and spreading terror in people’s hearts, so how does it order the killing of innocent people? This is not true at all

The terrorists are an extremist and intellectual group who follow immoral or even legitimate ways in the heavenly books to achieve goals for their interests, which may be political, economic, or personal…etc

By using violence, bloodshed, and killing women and children, this is against the law and the correct doctrine of Islam, and Islam is innocent of terrorism. Unfortunately, there are Western countries that provide these terrorists with money, weapons and information

Q: I remember that you confronted them directly in 2013 when you liberated 4 girls who were in the hands of armed terrorists. It was a heroic act! Did this situation not extinguish the fire of revenge inside you


Not at all. Terrorism improves its level of progress in technology, of course, with the support of countries or intelligence services that support them with training, ammunition technology, information and targets

We do not fight terrorism only, but countries! Possibly leading ones!

They do not want to stop attacking my land or the Arab world! And I did not stop improving their scientific and intellectual levels in order to chase them down and reduce their danger.

Q: The managers in the arms manufacturing companies, whom we asked about you, praised you greatly. They said about you, Abdullah Al-Saeed, is the Google of the arms industry. Why did they call you Google for weapons? How do you track all models of military industries at the same time? What is the secret of Abdullah


This is great praise for me. I think that a friend should really love his friend, so he will praise him with what he sees in him, but there are many who are better than me in this world, and I still do not have many things available to me

The reason for calling me Google Weapons is that I created a software that works with algorithms, a program that can easily monitor all modern models of weapons, news, and searches for weapons, and it can analyze some information about the weapon, the company, and other details

Q: Is it true, you created a program in order to follow the modern models in all armament companies in the world

Yes, I did, and because of that, the program called me Google weapons

Q: Abdullah, America needs this thought and those motives that you have in combating terrorism. If an invitation comes to you to visit the White House and meet President Joe Biden, what would you advise him

It would be my pleasure to meet the President of the United States of America, Mr. President / Biden. If we talk about the issue of combating terrorism only, then I know a lot about the security services in America and their declared roles according to Congress, such as USSS, CIA, NSA, DIA, FBI, INR, DHS, I&A, NRO, AFIA, INSCOM, USAFRICOM, ONI.

Certainly, there are many devices that I did not mention, and I am sure that in my conversation with him, I will talk about the expansion of coordination, exchange of information, and training support between the competent authorities in Egypt and America, in addition to supporting technology industries in combating terrorism, reconnaissance, and espionage, and also supporting Egypt with modern technology equipment, as well as financial support, I think. Egypt is the best ally in the Middle East to combat terrorism and extremism for the United States of America. If there is a difference in the method and not in the goals, then each of them wants to protect his people and of course his personal interests.

In addition, I will talk to him about the challenges facing their security services in combating terrorism, for which there is no solution! I can discuss with the officials to solve it. I did not think or prepare to raise issues, frankly. What are the suggested topics that I discuss with him? These matters need arrangements. But in the end, does the United States really have a desire to combat terrorism and extremism in the world?

Q: Abdullah, you are now an expert in security and military affairs, and I see credibility in you. That is why I want to ask you, do you see Egypt as a safe homeland for tourists to go to, even though the situation in North Sinai is still not safe?


Honestly, no country is 100% safe. Terrorist attacks can harm the largest countries. Madam, there are terrorist attacks that took place in the United States of America, France, Canada, Turkey, Russia and everywhere in the world. In Egypt, I see that the armed forces and security services, and even the military and political leadership, have a strong desire to eradicate terrorism. I spoke to you previously. Terrorists are not a group that we are fighting. Rather, they are intelligence services that do not want stability in Egypt for their interests.

I assure you that Egypt is a safe country. And yes, we in Egypt are fighting terrorism in North Sinai


Q: If there is an invitation from you for tourists in the world, what are the safe governorates in Egypt that a tourist can visit?


I told you in my answer to the previous question, Egypt is a safe country. Of course, if I invite a tourist, I will invite him to Alexandria, El Alamein, Hurghada, El Gouna, South Sinai, Luxor, Aswan, the Nuba region, Giza and Fayoum. Each of these governorates has many characteristics and differs from each other.

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