Unease as Helldivers 2 Players Succeed in Sucking Planet of Meridia into Black Hole – Push Square

  1. Discomfort as Helldivers 2 players manage to suck the planet Meridia into a black hole Push square
  2. Helldivers 2’s new failed mission continues its fall from grace Kotaku
  3. Helldivers 2: Players are failing at such a rate that Meridia Arrowhead must have a backup plan in place, lest the biggest major order be wasted and Joel’s story ends. imdb
  4. Helldivers 2 Dark Fluid Mission Guide – Helldivers 2 Guide IGN
  5. UPDATE: Helldivers 2’s Major Meridia Order Sees Players Overwhelmed by Hordes of Bugs Spawning Just Above Objectives VG247

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