Apple’s new AI model hints at how AI could come to the iPhone

Apple has remained quiet about its plans for generative AI, but with the release of new AI models today, it appears the company’s immediate ambitions lie firmly in the realm of “making AI work locally.” on Apple devices.

Apple researchers on Wednesday released OpenELM, a series of four very small language models to the Hugging Face Model Library. Apple said on its Hugging Face model page that OpenELM, which stands for “Open-source Efficient Language Models,” performs very efficiently on text-related tasks like writing emails. The templates are open source and ready for developers to use.

OpenELM is even smaller than most lightweight AI models

Apple CEO Tim Cook said generative AI features would be available on the company’s devices, saying in February that Apple was spending “a tremendous amount of time and effort” in the area. However, Apple has yet to share details on what its use of AI might look like.

The company has previously released other AI models, although it has not released any basic AI models for commercial use as its competitors have done.

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