Apple Event Next Month Said to Be ‘Accompanied By an Event in London’

Apple’s next ‘Let Loose’ event “will be accompanied by an event in London”, according to The independentIt’s Andrew Griffin.

The report doesn’t provide any additional details about what will happen in London, but it could simply be a briefing for British journalists to familiarize themselves with the new iPads and other products that Apple is expected to announce next month. . Apple frequently invited media to hands-on briefings At New Yorkand he also held an information session in Toronto, Canada for new MacBook Air models last month.

Apple’s “Let Loose” event begins on Tuesday, May 7 at 7 a.m. Pacific Time, or 3 p.m. London local time. New devices and accessories expected to be announced at the event include two new iPad Pro models, two new iPad Air models, an updated Apple Pencil and a redesigned Magic Keyboard for iPad, and there’s always a chance for a surprise or two. A video stream of the event will be available on and YouTube.

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has repeatedly said he expects Apple to launch its Vision Pro headset in other countries before the WWDC developers conference, which begins June 10. Could the accompanying “event” in London allow journalists in the UK to receive hands-on time with the Vision Pro too? It might make sense for Apple to launch the Vision Pro internationally before announcing visionOS 2 at WWDC, and the UK is one of nine countries where the headset is expected to be available next.

Of course, this is all just amusing speculation ahead of the event, based on a single sentence in a British newspaper. Apple’s actual plans remain to be seen.

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