You Must Spend $80 To Get The King Kong Glove In Call Of Duty

Call of Duty players are angry about a new cosmetic item inspired by the new movie Godzilla X Kong: New Kingdom costs $80, yet another example of the monstrous costs of cosmetics in the game.

The “BEAST Glove” is a new melee weapon that was recently added to Call of Duty Warzone And Modern Warfare III within the framework of a larger crossover with the recently released Godzilla X Kong: New Kingdom. The glove is modeled to resemble King Kong’s robotic arm as seen in the film, but scaled down to fit a standard human-sized soldier. War zone can use it to annoy enemies.

It’s a little weird to see a soldier running around with a monkey arm covered in yellow metal, but I’m old. I don’t know what’s cool anymore. Either way, if you want this weird melee weapon, all you have to do is buy four different $20 DLC packs.

No, you don’t get this new Kong-inspired weapon by killing or winning matches. Instead, you will have to spend around $80 across four different limited-time premium DLC packs to “earn” this new melee weapon. It’s a challenge, but not in the same way as “getting 20 headshots.” Instead, the BEAST gauntlet is difficult to unlock because we live in a horrible capitalist wasteland and if you succeed minimum wageyou will need the monetary equivalent of more than a day’s work to actually being able to buy the damn thing.

To be fair, the four DLC packs come with them own cosmetics and weapons. So you’re not just spending $80 on this one melee weapon. Instead, you get this Kong item as a sort of reward for purchasing all the others. Godzilla X Kong DLC added to both games during the latest event.

An image shows the four Kong-themed premium DLC packs in Call of Duty.

Picture: Activision/Kotaku

Each pack costs 2,400 COD Points, which is equivalent to $20 in real money. The four packs are themed after the film and contain new skins, cosmetic items, animations, charms and other trinkets. And if you buy all four and spend around $80, you get one glove.

Bad news, the glove is not very good or cool according to Call of Duty community. It seems like you can’t customize it and hitting people doesn’t make them fly or anything fun like that. Well, at least you’ll have all the other things you spent $80 on.

It continues to be wild and sad to have reached a point where $20 Cosmetic Packs and the $80 gorilla-themed fists are just… one thing now. It’s just something that companies like Activision, Blizzard, and Epic can add to games like Fortnite And Diablo without too much noise. And a lot of people buy this stuffAlso, which could be the worst of all.


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