‘App Lock’ lets you protect and hide any app on your iPhone

iOS provides developers with an API to lock apps with Face ID or Touch ID. However, not all apps have this option and there is no way to completely hide apps from your device. Fortunately, “App Lock” is a simple yet powerful app that helps users protect and even hide all apps on their iPhone and iPad. Read on as we detail how the app works.

Lock and hide apps on your iPhone with App Lock

App Lock essentially brings a much-anticipated feature for iOS users: the ability to completely hide apps or lock them with Face ID or Touch ID. The application does not rely on complex modifications or tricks. Instead, it uses the Screen Time API to control access to apps and system settings.

Once you open App Lock, you will see a list of all the apps installed on your iPhone or iPad. Just like Screen Time settings, App Lock will display your apps organized by category, making it easy to hide or lock multiple apps at once. For example, you can hide all your banking apps in just a few clicks by selecting the Productivity and Finance category.

The first tab of the app lets you lock your apps with biometrics, while the second tab “Hide” completely hides your chosen apps, even in the App Library. Once you’ve chosen which apps you want to lock or hide, press Start and you’re done.

Aside from being more intuitive than Screen Time’s native settings, a major advantage of App Lock is that it immediately locks apps, while Screen Time requires users to set a time limit for apps before locking them. lock. Of course, to access or view the apps, you need to open App Lock again, which is protected by biometrics and a PIN.

App Lock also offers advanced options to block app installation and removal, disable in-app purchases, and restrict changes to iOS settings.

“App Lock” lets you protect and hide any app from the iPhone home screen

You can try App Lock for free. However, unlocking the full app requires a paid subscription. It’s a bit pricey, but it may be worth it for its privacy and security features. It’s worth noting that this requires an iPhone or iPad running iOS 16 or later.

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