Helldivers 2 Community Rallies To Rescue Game’s Steam Reviews

Cooperative shooter Helldiverse 2 has seen a lot of success in the months since its launch in February. Then, a few days ago, Sony announced that PC players would need to link (or create) a PlayStation Network account to continue playing the game. This enraged fans who had been playing for months, resulting in a massive bombing plan which devastated Helldiverse 2The Steam score of. On May 6, Sony rescinded that mandate, and now Helldiverse fans are rallying to resume reviewing Arrowhead Game Studios’ live multiplayer shooter on Steam, giving thousands of positive reviews in two days in what the community has dubbed “Major Order: Operation Cleanup.”

Helldiverse 2 launched with an “overwhelmingly positive” rating on Steam on February 8. It was – and still is – one of the most popular games of 2024, bringing together hundreds of thousands of players with its fun, chaotic gameplay and clever storytelling. On May 3, Sony told gamers that a PlayStation Network account was required to play the PC version of Helldiverse 2. This mandate has obviously annoyed the community, with many go to war (digital) on it, bombing the game on Steam and sharing angry messages on social media with such intensity that Arrowhead CEO Johan Pilestedt apologized for the problem. Three days after the announcement, Sony announced it would remove the PlayStation Network account linking requirement.

NOW Helldiverse 2 fans rallied to pay it forward. In the game’s subreddit, a moderator abandoned a major new orderwhich are the main focuses of the live-action shooter usually passed on by Arrowhead, calling on fans to reconsider their negative reviews.

“Sony has reversed its decision to move forward with the account linking update,” reads the post created by OmegaXesis on May 6. “Hell Divers; if you choose to accept this large order. Please consider canceling your Steam review. Arrowhead worked very hard to make this game special, and you, as a player, showed Sony and Arrowhead that your voice matters too. Let’s restore Helldiverse 2 steam engine regains its former glory. And let’s restore this community to normal. Please cancel any negative reviews you have left for any other games that Arrowhead or Sony has worked on. Let’s do better as a community and not do this anymore. Thanks to the Helldivers mod team.

At the time of writing, over 75,000 positive reviews have been submitted since the major order was delivered, increasing Helldiverse 2Steam rating from “mostly negative” to “mixed”. With over 600,000 reviews at present, the game has a “mostly positive” overall rating, but if this major order goes ahead as planned, I have no doubt that Helldiverse 2 will, as OmegaXesis said in the subreddit, return to its former glory of “overwhelmingly positive” reviews on Steam. For his part, Pilestedt said he was impressed by the community’s “willingness” to collaborate and effect change.

I guess good things happen when you use your voice.

In other Helldiverse 2 news, games received a patch on May 7 which resolved some lingering issues. This includes things like misaligned scopes, damage over time issues, crashes and other bugs, and much more.

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