4 Ideas for Unique Custom-Made Church Signs

The distinctive outside sign of a church acts as both an identification tool and an essential component of its community outreach program. The need to inform people of the spiritual and life-improving services a church provides and how it works to better their lives and the lives of their community is greater than ever in light of today’s shrinking congregations.

The main objective of custom made church signage is to draw people inside. A National Evangelistic Association research found that 10% of Americans who join a congregation each year do so after deciding to enter after seeing the church sign.

An effective bespoke exterior sign can help a church become highly known in the neighborhood. Additionally, several custom sign types are eye-catching and suitable for a church.


Monument Signage

This freestanding sign can appear large and impressive when it is positioned low to the ground. A monument sign, which is typically built of masonry or solid material that is meant to resemble masonry, exudes a sense of stability and tradition.

A monument sign will last for many years since it can withstand the impacts of weather and the passage of time.


Illuminated Signage

Your church’s presence in the community is announced through a personalized illuminated sign day and night! This sign, which is often referred to as a light-box sign, provides excellent visibility and works particularly well in rural areas.

Depending on the requirements of your church, an illuminated sign may be freestanding or fixed on a wall.


Signs with Movable Letters

This reasonably priced alternative for signage efficiently informs onlookers of the activities and special services that are planned for your church. When schedules or plans for the church change, they can also be swiftly changed.

A complete set of letters, numbers, and punctuation is provided so that mounting a new message is simple when necessary. Additionally, lockable vandal covers are included with the sign to protect the message.


LED and electronic signs

LED signage is excellent for integrating multimedia and for making eye-catching announcements and messages available 24 hours a day. The multi-media capabilities of this signage will draw attention from potential visitors as well as keep church members informed of the most recent church happenings.

These high-tech signs can also be housed in a monument-style cabinet to create a striking signage combo that gives your custom exterior signage a sense of both tradition and technology. Just the proper mix to appeal to the younger crowd!

Because of their particular requirements, churches place a special emphasis on custom signs. In addition to having a respectable presence, signage in front of a church must legibly and efficiently inform onlookers about its special services and activities to pique their curiosity and awareness. The correct bespoke outdoor signs will accomplish that and might even contribute to the expansion of your church’s membership.


How to Make Your Custom Church’s Sign Stand Out?

Although the fundamentals of establishing a vibrant and devoted community won’t change, your church can still gain by keeping up with current events and ensuring that your teachings are being heard. You are expressing the spirit of your church through the sign at your church in addition to the words that are being said. Make sure everyone can readily identify and access your church.


Is It Visible?

You want your sign to be visible to pedestrians as they walk or drive by, so it should be placed near the line of sight of onlookers and away from other signage that is vying for the same attention. Because it’s more difficult to change after installation than other aspects of the sign, choosing the appropriate height is crucial. Since most churches are situated in peaceful areas, their sign height is typically constrained.


Is it Readable?

A readable sign indicates:

Large, crisp-edged letters with proper kerning between letters

A font that is readable from a distance and by readers with poor eyesight.

Lighting that makes the words easy to read in a variety of lighting conditions

Additionally, your message should be concise but compelling because a visually stunning sign is useless if the words printed on it are ineffective.


What Should Be on Your Sign?

Whatever works best for you should be on your sign; however, some themes and concepts that other churches frequently employ include:

announcements of impending religious holidays or events hosted by the church

praising the accomplishments and lamenting the departure of members

defending or making remarks about current events

forthcoming sermons’ quotes

To strike a balance between impact and brevity, make sure the message only contains the keywords.


Regularly Update Your Church Signage

Signs can attract the attention of foot traffic or automobile traffic that routinely passes through the region; they are not just intended to appeal to persons who pass by the area. Newcomers and people with irregular attendance will be intrigued by the inspired messages that are presented through the church sign, whether you intend to be persuasive throughout one message or take the patient approach and gain them through numerous messages.


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