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Zydeco musician shot dead while on stage at Louisiana festival

A famous Zydeco musician was shot dead while on stage at a music festival in Louisiana on Friday night, according to family and authorities.

Chris Ardoin, a third-generation Zydeco artist, was injured in the back, his wife Kerri Ardoin said on his Facebook page early on Saturday.

“The doctors luckily said he was a built guy,” she said. “The bullet did not penetrate his lung and came to rest near his ribs.”

Chris Ardoin of Chris Ardoin & NuStep performs during the 2008 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival at the New Orleans Fairgrounds Racetrack on May 4, 2008, in Louisiana.Dave Martin / AP dossier

His older brother Sean Ardoin said on Facebook that Chris Ardoin was sent home on Saturday. “God is faithful and praise him for the fact that the bullet is ‘securely’ lodged in the soft tissues of his back and is not a threat,” he said.

He said his little brother had completed a set but was still on stage when the attack took place. “The concert was over,” he said.

Chris Ardoin was presented as the headliner of the evening.

A statement from the Grand Parrish Sheriff’s Office said Chris Ardoin was one of two people, including a 14-year-old, struck down when several people shot at a crowd at the Louisiana Mudfest, an off-road venue in Colfax that hosts also musical events.

Both victims sustained “moderate injuries,” the office said.

The sheriff’s office said thousands of people had left the event by the time of the shooting. Two people with weapons jumped onto the steps of an exiting vehicle, the agency said, but were stopped by lawmakers.

No identity has been disclosed.

The violence took place during the “Zydeco Bike Fest” at the park. The rest of this event has been canceled.

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