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Zoey’s extraordinary playlist canceled on NBC

If you could hear our heart song right now, you would hear the saddest song in the world.

Either that or the most angry song in the world, cause NBC canceled Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist. There was talk of moving the show to Peacock, Hollywood journalist says those talks are over and Zoey will no longer be singing her songs for NBCUniversal.

The good news is that Lionsgate, which produces the show, is buying it elsewhere.

“In a world where finding a loyal and passionate audience is never easy, we believe there must be a home for this great, award-winning show with a passionate and dedicated audience,” they said in a statement.

Zoey’s ended season two with a hell of a twist, right after Zoey (Jane levy) finally told Max (Skylar Astin) how she really feels. After two seasons where Zoey heard everyone’s heart songs, she finally sang a heart song that only Max could hear. Creator Austin winsberg couldn’t say if Zoey and Max both now have powers or if only Max has them now, but he said there would definitely be both “complications” and a “great romantic comedy” that would come from Max having them anyway.

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