Zendaya’s ‘Challengers’ Smash at Box Office, Audience Reviews More Mixed

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Zendaya’s “challengers”

Game, set, match at the box office…

Audiences seem conflicted

Zendayahas a major victory to celebrate…his new tennis film, “Challengers,” is poised to crush the competition at the box office – even if audience reaction seems more mixed.

Deadline reports that the film is headed for a $15.2 million opening…almost double the next highest opening – that film is called “Unsung Hero,” and the trade publication says it is headed for an $8 million weekend.

The media is telling the producers of “Challengers” to hold their horses… because $15 million is pretty far from the reported budget of over $50 million for this film.

And, in case you’re wondering… According to Deadline, PostTrak — a data company that talks to audience members as they leave the theater — confirmed that people were coming to see Zendaya. It is said that 55% of those surveyed came because of her.

But whether that audience enjoyed the film…it’s unclear at this point. According to Rotten Tomatoes88% of critics liked the film – far more than the 77% of audiences who said the same.

77% is still pretty high… but – with such a highly anticipated film – 1 in 4 critics bombing the film doesn’t bode well for attracting future audiences.

Of course, many know the movie because of the sexual tension in the trailer…including a scene where two men kiss Zendaya’s neck. It’s been on people’s calendars for a while now because of that – and maybe early audiences built the film up too much in their heads.

Bottom line… this weekend’s box office game is over – but some viewers are already calling the movie flawed!!!

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