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Zemmour reacts to Vanhoenacker affair – RT in english


In front of an acquired audience of several hundred people, the polemic writer Eric Zemmour reacted to the degradation of his portrait by a columnist of France Inter who recently welcomed his action in a video that has gone viral.

“For years, the so-called comedians, in particular on France Inter, have not been comedians but agents of political control, everyone knows that, it is obvious. Moreover, they are not funny because they are the watchdogs of the dominant ideology ”, declared on September 17 Eric Zemmour within the framework of a literary meeting which was held in Toulon the day after the publication of his. delivered.

The polemic writer reacted here to a video recently posted on social networks by Charline Vanhoenacker, radio host on France Inter. Filmed in front of a poster representing Eric Zemmour, the Belgian columnist had drawn on his face a mustache comparable to that of Hitler.

Organized as part of the publication of his latest work, Eric Zemmour’s recent intervention in the Var took place on the stage of “a packed room, facing 800 people”, as reported. 20 minutes which, in the context of the political journalist’s potential candidacy for the presidential election, describes an event “with the air of a political rally”.

In any case, the possibility of a candidacy of Eric Zemmour in the next presidential election has recently emerged among the most publicized themes of public debate in France, in particular after the Superior Audiovisual Council (CSA ) announced its decision to count the editorialist’s televised interventions “relating to the national political debate”.


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