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YouTube suspends and demonetizes conservative American channel OANN – RT in French

Citing disinformation about Covid-19, YouTube banned One America News Network from posting new videos for a week and took away its ability to make revenue from content already online.

After having excluded from its platform Infowars and its founder Alex Jones, or to name a few, the supporters of theories considered to be conspiratorial; After demonetizing many political commentators, YouTube is now taking on the increasingly popular medium among Donald Trump supporters, One America News Network (OANN).

On November 24, OANN was indeed imposed a one-week suspension in addition to being excluded from the YouTube partnership program, which means that the channel can no longer monetize its videos. In question, according to a spokesperson for YouTube, the treatment by OANN of the Covid-19 epidemic.

YouTube has taken the extreme step of censoring a national media outlet

“After careful consideration, we deleted a video from OANN and gave them a warning for breaking our Covid-19 disinformation rules which prohibit content claiming there is a guaranteed cure,” Ivy Choi indicated in a press release, without however providing details of the offending video.

After three warnings (this is the first) the channel will be deleted. She will also have to prove that she has solved the problems reported by the platform if she wants to be able to monetize her videos again.

Asked by The Epoch Times, the president of OANN explained that the video in question was not even published on the platform yet and that it was in the state simply intended for its teams “for evaluation”. “YouTube took the extreme measure of censoring a national media for a video that was ‘not listed’ and not publicly available on YouTube,” said Charles Herring, specifying that if the media complied with the requirements of the platform, he did not intend to let “YouTube’s arbitrary rules violate its editorial rights and its First Amendment. [de la Constitution, la liberté d’expression] to inform the public ”.

The Google subsidiary, whose attendance has further increased thanks to the containment measures, has been working for months to highlight the channels that are, according to the multinational, authority in terms of information.

OANN would therefore not be part of it, although, like Newsmax, the channel is experiencing meteoric growth in the United States. Donald Trump supporters are turning away by the tens of thousands from the conservative Fox News reference because of the latter’s coverage of the presidential election. OANN President Charles Herring told AFP that his channel had been among the ten best audiences for American cable for several weeks, all programs combined.

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