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‘You’re going to see my lawyer,’ man tells dog owner after posted posters appear with picture of accused dog thief – CBS Miami

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – Miami-Dade Police are looking for a woman accused of stealing a husky and now they are also looking for a man, who allegedly called the dog’s owner and told him to stop posting posters with the image of his daughter or he would contact a lawyer.

“I feel really hurt, I feel hurt,” said Yami Polo, the dog’s owner.

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Polo is missing one of his dogs. Her 7 month old husky, Snow, is gone. She and Bronco walked out of the yard a week ago.

“I noticed my daughter wasn’t there so I go out and start screaming her name and my neighbor tells me I saw a girl catch your dog.” Mercedes ML 350 white, ”said Yami

A couple of neighbors gave Yami a surveillance video. You can see Snow working on CCTV not far from the house. Then the video shows someone in this SUV pulling over and grabbing the dog.

“It was really fast. They see the dog, they move to the side. You can see where she opens the door, she goes down, she takes the dog and leaves, she hasn’t even looked back.

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She was hoping that when this car pulled over and took the dog away, they were just trying to keep him safe.

Yami put up posters with the girl’s photo on it and that’s when she got a phone call.

“Then they got a call from a man, ‘are you the one looking for this husky?’ He’s going to you, please, if you have any information and he says, ‘you’re shameless, you post my daughter on all the flyers, you can’t do that, you go to my lawyer.’ “

“He’s leaving, I’m not going to give your dog back to you and he’s hung up.”

That’s when Miami-Dade Police got involved. Investigators tell CBS4 they are looking for a man and a woman in the video. Police said they called the man back, they said he was using a non-traceable internet phone.

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“He’s okay no, the police are in there. So I’m going to call my lawyer, he hung up the police and turned off his phone. Nothing since then, ”Yami said.


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