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“You despised our languages, our cultures, our religions”, the anti-West slam of Tariq Ramadan – RT in French

Tariq Ramadan engaged, in music, in a long diatribe against targets that he does not name … but whose identities we quickly understand. He claims to dedicate his text to “all women and men who have undergone colonization”.

Tariq Ramadan released a musical text on April 3 on YouTube, titled What do you think?, which he dedicates “to all the women and men who have undergone colonization throughout the world”, lasting approximately seven minutes and a half.

“You’ve been stealing and lying for ages,” begins the song performed in slam form by the controversial theologian who never specifically cites the targets, but his lyrics aimed, by implication, at the Western world.

“You have despised our languages, our cultures, our religions,” he continues. “Wait! But what do you think? That we’re going to sit there and watch you? […] Let you quietly write history and colonize it? ”He says in the chorus.

Among some slogans of the composition with sometimes belligerent accents: “Either you share, or we will help”; “Hear the breath of the revolts which rumbles”; “Tomorrow in your streets, we will walk free and serene”; “You are afraid ? Are you going to lose your privileges and your identity? ”…

In addition, the song seeks broadly to defend migration and in an additional text added to the video, Tariq Ramadan writes: “To migrants who seek to escape poverty and who end up locked up, criminalized and thousands of whom die, drowned in sea ​​waters or dehydrated in the heat of the desert. To all those who are committed to their side and who refuse their silent dehumanization. “

The Swiss preacher, still indicted for raping five women, announces to release an album for May 29, Crossings.

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