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You can now buy a seat on a Blue Origin rocket

The company made the announcement in an almost one-minute video featuring Bezos himself. It directs people to the Blue Origin website, which has a sign-up page for more information slated for May 5. Neither the price nor the dates were released on Thursday.

The new Shepard rocket, which featured in the short video, has been on a number of test flights in recent years. Blue Origin finally wants to send paying customers for brief horseback rides to the edge of space.

New Shepard consists of two pieces – a small, dome-shaped capsule with gaping rectangular windows and a 60-foot-high rocket thruster that detonates the capsule at three times the speed of sound as it rushes forward. towards space.

The capsule is designed to detach from the rocket near the top of its flight path, climb over 60 miles high, and spend a few minutes in zero gravity before parachuting back to Earth.

Bezos said he funds Blue Origin by selling about $ 1 billion of his Amazon stock each year.

– Jackie Wattles of CNN Business contributed to this report.


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