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Yoga to make you strong – well guides

The pear tree is an opportunity to turn everything upside down – including a frown. It is a challenge for the mind and body to overcome the fear of being in an unusual state and to lift your body above your head. Every time you carefully exit the pose, try to step into life with fresh eyes.

Edit: If you’re uncomfortable, don’t force yourself! First, work on a half pear tree or a pear tree. Dolphin push-ups can also help build shoulder strength and hamstring flexibility useful for head lifting..

Jump: If you have neck or shoulder issues, skip this pose.

Be aware: If you are wearing a ponytail, make sure you lower it so that the ponytail is near the base of your neck. Once you’re in the pose, consider lifting your feet up into the sky, feeling them pull up, straightening your spine, and making yourself weightless.

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