Xbox Game Pass Tier Changes Are Inbound Due to Call of Duty, Insiders Claim

Changes to Xbox Game Pass tiers are underway due to the rumored inclusion of the new Call Duty on Microsoft’s subscription service.

Yesterday we covered a report from WSJ that claimed this year’s Call of Duty entry would be coming to Game Pass. It’s possible the news will be announced during next month’s Xbox showcase. Following this report, multiple sources now claim that Microsoft is considering making changes to Game Pass tiers, or even a price hike, primarily due to the inclusion of Call of Duty.

On the ResetEra forums, known insider “Shinobi” first stated that “there will be changes” when responding to a comment that Microsoft would introduce a new price and revamp Game Pass tiers. Plus, speaking on X, Spanish insider “eXtas1s” (who often writes for Exuter media) complaints that “changes” are coming to Game Pass tiers, mainly due to Call of Duty. No additional details have been shared at this time.

Another insider who shared “information” about rumored changes to Xbox Game Pass is “NateDrake,” who collaborated on the above statement from “eXtas1s.” Responding to a question on the ResetEra forums from a user who asked if these changes included tier changes as well as a price hike, the known insider said that Microsoft would be making changes to pricing and tiers.

“Changes are coming in the form of prizes and a level change,” ‘NateDrake’ wrote on the forums.

As always with these kinds of rumors, take the “information” provided with a grain of salt for now. Again, these sources have proven to be fairly accurate in the past, and it would only make sense for Microsoft to make changes to its subscription service if the company actually included the Call of Duty series on Game Pass.

What do you think about this? Will Microsoft change Game Pass tiers? What would be a good price? Click on the comments below.

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