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Xavier Bertrand promises “new reactors from the summer of 2022” … if he is elected – RT in French

Already campaigning for the presidential election of 2022, the president of the Hauts de France region has spoken out in favor of the rapid construction of new reactors. In addition, he wants to change the legislation on wind energy.

“If I am elected President of the Republic, it is from the summer of 2022 that I will take the decision to launch new reactors, I will not procrastinate, I will take this decision very clearly”, declared the president of the regional council of Hauts-de-France on April 18 on France Inter.

“Nuclear power is the energy of the future. It is also a whole sector where France is ahead, where France is synonymous with excellence. And this is also what allows the French to have an electricity bill that costs them much less than in Germany, ”added Xavier Bertrand.

Assumed pro-nuclear, he was on the other hand very critical of wind power, calling for “to change the texts because we can no longer impose wind projects like today”.

“I don’t see why we don’t put the same emphasis on photovoltaics, on all marine energy. It’s wind, wind, ”he lamented. “All those who promote wind power, I see very few of them living at the foot of a wind turbine,” he added.

All those who promote wind power, I see very few of them living at the foot of a wind turbine

Elected in the region which has the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, in Gravelines (North), the former minister of Nicolas Sarkozy ensures that local elected officials are in favor of a new reactor in the North, and this means, according to him, that “the population is in favor of it too”.

Nuclear power could be one of the stakes of the presidential campaign in a country which produces some 70% of its electricity thanks to its power stations, whose lifespan has been extended to 50 years. The government has chosen a path to reduce this target to 50% by 2035.

EDF plans to build six reactors and must present a complete dossier to the government in mid-2021. But no decision should be taken by the end of the five-year term, the government having announced that it was waiting to decide on the start of the Flamanville (Manche) EPR, now scheduled for the end of 2022, after years of delay. and a surge in the cost of construction.

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