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Wright death case prosecutor resigns, citing ‘vitriol’

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – A prosecutor handling the case against a former Minneapolis suburban policeman accused of the deadly Daunte Wright shooting resigned on Monday, saying “vitriol” and “partisan politics” had returned difficult the pursuit of justice.

Imran Ali, the deputy head of the criminal division in the Washington County Attorney’s Office and director of the office’s major crimes unit, had worked on the Kim Potter prosecution. The former Brooklyn Center officer shot and killed Wright, a 20-year-old black motorist, on April 11. Potter resigned and the town police chief, who has since resigned, had said he believed Potter intended to use his Taser instead. gun.

Ali and Washington County District Attorney Pete Orput charged Potter with second degree manslaughter – then came under intense pressure from activists who demonstrated outside Orput’s home and demanded that murder charges be laid. Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison announced on Friday that his office would take the case.

“The past few weeks have been difficult for me and my family,” Ali wrote in a resignation letter dated Monday and posted by KARE-11. “The vitriol of some and the infusion of partisan politics by many made it difficult for me to work for justice.”

Ali wrote that he prays for healing and dispelling partisan platforms.

“We need to go back to thoughtful discourse that unites, not impulsive and irrational talking points that divide,” he wrote. “Until then there will be neither justice nor peace.”

Orput had publicly stated that he believed manslaughter was the appropriate charge. Ellison said on Friday that a review of the evidence and charges against Potter was underway, but he did not indicate whether murder charges would be filed.

Orput’s office dealt with the Potter case as part of a deal signed last year in which metropolitan area prosecutors said they would take over cases in which someone dies after quitting. ‘an officer used force. Orput turned the case over to Hennepin County District Attorney Mike Freeman, then Ellison took it on Freeman’s request.

It was not clear whether Ali’s resignation takes effect immediately.


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